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Once you have gotten the specific date, location and invitation in place you can start plotting out the rest of your bash! When deciding on the theme of your party you should consider what job they are leaving behind with retirement, or what type of future retirement is opening up for them. For example, if they are a retiring physician why not have a cake in the shape of a stethoscope or something hospital related! Or if they are planning a dream trip after retirement, you could always go a different route, such as a Hawaiian themed luau. There is no right or wrong theme, just go with whatever best fits the retiree.

Normally, retirement parties do not happen more than once, it is not a birthday bash you can celebrate every year, or a holiday, it is a very special accomplishment and the retiree deserves an astounding celebration that they won’t fail to remember. If you decide to go with party favors, or decorations why not create some with pictures of the retiree, from when they started working, till the end date. This is sure to evoke memories and prompt discussions between all about the changes throughout the years. A collage or a slide show would also be fun! You can also decorate around your theme, for example with a luau theme you could have an arrangement of different colored leis. Another suggestion would be to utilize craft paper for help achieving a Hawaiian look. The paper can be used to create a bright sun, green palm trees, blue Ocean, colored fish, etc.  If you want to have an inexpensive centerpiece, and do not want to go over the top, drop out different tips of candies, confetti, and set up colored balloons. Top it off with an over sized Banner that acknowledges the retirees name, with Congratulations. You can also personalize labels for your food and drinks, or personalize clear plastic cups with the retiree’s name, and retirement date, birthday, whatever you feel is more right. If they have a certain hobby, such as golf, crafts, knitting, etc., add pieces of their hobby into the theme of the party, or use as center pieces!

When ending the party, be sure to have a basket of goodies, or a party favor for the guests. These can be given to them as they leave, and you can also ask them to leave a message for the retiree, in a book you will supply. Ask them to also include their address, phone number and email address.  In short, just do your best to make sure that the party is fun for all. There may be a few tears shed, speeches given or jokes thrown around…whatever happens it is sure to be a memorable and rewarding time for the retiree!

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