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Did you know that as a society we appreciate the effort and consideration that are put in to handwritten notes? When you drop a note in the mail it does more than make someone else’s day, even though that should be reason enough to write the note. Below we’ve listed a few ways that letter writing can help make you a better person.


Directly after a job interview you should send the interviewer a sophisticated, professional note thanking them for their time and consideration. Once you’ve landed the job and are starting your climb up the corporate ladder don’t forget to thank the people who have helped you get where you are today. You never know when you’ll need a recommendation or reference, sending them a quick, cordial thank you note will go the extra mile and help keep you in their good graces. So if you do for some reason need a letter of reference from them it will be a good one.


In today’s society most people’s idea of manners leaves a lot to be desired. By using handwritten notes to say “thanks,””congratulations,” or “you’re invited” you’ll be a stunning example of perfect etiquette and common courtesy. The recipient of your hand written note will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gesture.


We live in a technologically advanced world where c-invites and phone calls are the norm when inviting people over. By using hand written invitations you give off an air of preparedness and style. Your guests will have a hard time turning down a handwritten invitation. Your event will also be hard to forget since they have the invitation as a physical reminder of your party.


Don’t forget the old saying “Give and you shall receive.” Start a tradition among your friends where you write letters back and forth. The letters don’t have to be just about special occasions; they can also be about everyday happenings. Seeing a handwritten note from a friend in their mailbox will lift their spirits and make their day a little better. You can also keep the letters as a keepsake of your friendship and shared experiences.


Letters are the perfect way to share all sorts of happy news. Write a quick note to keep the important people in your life up to date with your achievements, like moving, having a baby, getting married, changing jobs, or graduating.

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