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There are numerous health benefits of writing in personal, business, academic, and other aspects in life. However, before exploring some of the ways writing can improve your mood and mental health, briefly consider the mechanics of the brain and mind as that is where our psychological processes take place.

The human mind can become overwhelmed and thinking befuddled when presented with massive amounts of information. Stress may escalate especially when all that information is coming into the brain at a fast pace. This kind of pressure causes the majority of the misunderstandings and mistakes that people experience. Your brain is not just receiving information from outside sources. Your mind is constantly creating new information (ideas and perceptions) for your brain to process as well. We are not always consciously aware of this. However, even in sleep, our minds are at work creatively. Whether this information is coming from outside or inside the brain, it also produces feelings, and the brain must process these new feelings. It is therefore understandable why people become confused, lose focus, or have difficulty making decisions with all this activity going on.

Writing has the psychological benefit of “releasing” information onto paper or into a computer document. This frees up “space” so that your brain and mind can perform the processing of new information, and corresponding perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, without becoming overwhelmed.

By writing down some of what is swimming around in your head, you can get a clearer picture of what information you have and what you might be able to do with it. Writing enables you to take tidbits of ideas and inklings of possibilities and turn them into clear- cut goals with a definite direction from which to launch efforts towards successful fruition. Being clear on what you need to do helps raise performance level, and maintain the motivation to continue with projects to the finish. It is easy to see how this could be beneficial in your personal life as well as at work.

A surge in confidence, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment are all psychological benefits which are possible through writing. Experiencing these positive emotions is akin to writing your own prescription for success. People with high levels of confidence, self- esteem, and the ability to accomplish things have greater happiness or overall satisfaction than those who do not experience these important emotions.

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