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Baby showers are a fantastic way to announce a pregnancy, celebrate the parents to be, and commemorate the pending arrival of that precious bundle of joy! Though traditionally thrown for the mom and baby, it is becoming more common to have couples showers or even showers for the dad-to-be. Growing popularity has been to have more than one shower, though this is purely based on personal preference.

Baby showers are generally thrown for the expectant family’s first baby. In recent years it has become more common to throw a shower for the first baby as well as the first of a different gender (i.e. if the first baby is a girl, then a shower may be thrown again when the couple is expecting a boy). Showers can be hosted by anyone and can be thrown at any time during the pregnancy, and even shortly after the birth. There aren’t any set dos or don’ts for baby showers, but one thing is certain: your baby shower invitations can set the tone for the fabulous party you are throwing!

Shower invitations announce the date, time, and location for your party. Be sure to include a phone number or email address for questions and RSVP purposes. Generally speaking, invitations should be sent four to six weeks in advance, with a response requested one to two weeks before the party. If you have any special instructions for attendees to bring or if you want to announce a theme for your party, the invitation can do that too. In addition, the baby shower invites may be the first formal announcement of the baby’s gender or name. Of course there are several options for gender neutral as well. Pictures of baby footprints, rattles, teddy bears, and animals are common for baby showers, but today’s invitations also offer expecting mothers (complete with baby bump), as well.

Whether it is baby girl pink or little boy blue, American Stationery has the perfect invitation for your baby shower!

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