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Have you found that your life is busier than ever? In our society, our lives are packed with a variety of activities to keep us going nonstop from dawn to dusk. Our days frequently become filled with routine habits, tasks, and chores. There’s a lot to be said for going to work everyday, taking the kids to soccer practice, and cleaning up around the house. But if you are like most people, you probably also crave a little “me” time every now and then.

Though a trip to the spa or a day at the beach might sound like a great treat, let us suggest somethng a bit more simple and thoughtful. Try an evening of reading, writing, and relaxation. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and instead of grabbing that book you have fallen asleep to every night for the past week, try reading a little history. No…not a history book – your history. Many people have a shoe box or a box of keepsakes buried in the closet or tucked away under the bed. There are a lot of wonderful memories out there in the letters of days gone by. Maybe you’II find that first love letter from your spouse. Perhaps you will find a trinket given to you by Aunt Margaret or you just might even find an old birthday card from a friend that has been separated by many miles.

What an opportunity you would have to share a joyful moment with someone else. Take a little quality time to jot a simple, yet meaningful note on your favorite stationery that you may keep nestled away. Relive those memories with that someone special. You will have had some well deserved time for yourself as well as put a smile on someone else’s face.

Dear Aunt Margaret,

     I thought of you this evening as I stumbled across the locket you gave me for my birthday. The chain is a little small for me all these years later, but I am still thrilled to have it. The picture of you, mom and myself is truly a precious gem! You know, a locket would be a great “just because” gift to share with my daughter.

                                                 Much Love Always,

So, the next time you go looking for a little “me” time, do not hesitate to take a trip down memory lane and maybe even take the time to relive the journey.

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