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One of the most important things in life is becoming a parent. The trials of parenthood can be troublesome at times but the enjoyment outweighs the troubles. Soon to be parents have a long to do list from getting the baby room ready, getting clothes, blankets, bottles, and the other necessities. Don’t forget preparing a baby shower. Whether the soon to be parents, relatives, or friends are the ones throwing the party, they can use some help in getting ready. Finding the right baby shower invitation can be hectic. Looking for an elegant, cute, fun, pink, blue, or whatever type of invitation you want is not always easy.

American Stationery has recently begun selling baby shower invitations. Here are a few ideas when looking for the right baby shower invitation.

A combination of cute and fun, these baby shower invites add that adorable touch to your baby shower. These invitations come in either pink stripes or blue stripes to go along with the color theme for each gender. Featured across the top of the invitation is a string of cute little animals: giraffe, elephant, lion, and turtle. Below the animals is a row of pink polka dots with an underlying row of pink dashes. Below the cute banner is the information regarding the baby shower. The shower information is printed in a modem, fun font that goes along with the kid theme. Your guests will find these invitations to be a cute way to inform them of your life changing event.

These baby shower invites are a very simple and cute way to spread the wonderful news. The top of these invitations have solid pink lines with rows of brown polka dots or solid baby blue lines with rows of brown polka dots. Below these rows your baby shower information is featured. The information is in a fun, modem font. All information shown is printed in brown ink except for your soon to be newborn’s name which is printed in pink or blue in a larger font size. An adorable giraffe rests on the right hand side with pink or blue spots. To finish off the invitation are the rows of pink or blue and the brown polka dots.

This baby shower invitation is a cute invitation with more of an adult look to it. The invitation has a thick solid green border with a thinner, lighter green border going most of the way around. The green borders lead to a cute image on the left. The left hand side of the invitation features an adorable silhouette of a pregnant woman. Around the center of the invitation lies all of your baby shower information. The shower information is shown in a standard, easy to read font with the up and coming newborn’s name shown in green font. A very adorable way to invite your loved ones.

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