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Did you have a crazy week? Call the girls and kick up your feet! Every woman needs some girlfriends to hang out with and unwind from a busy week. These girls can be mothers, sisters, aunts, friends or co-workers. You can go out or stay in, all you need are girls, good food and with that will most likely come laughter. Laughter is like medicine to the body. Give everyone the 411 on where and when they can meet for girls’ night with these invitations made specifically for girls’ night out.  If you are the cocktail type we have Girls Night Out Party Invitations that will be great for your evening together. These festive invitations are funky and bright, sure to bring all the girls to the party.  

A few ideas for girls’ night include:

·         Movie Night- you can go out to the movies and get popcorn and a coke or you can grab a chick flick and relax at a girlfriend’s house. For an eclectic selection, have each of your friends bring her favorite movie

·          Poker Night- this is not only for the guys, girls can have some fun playing poker with the Poker face

·         Spa Party – who doesn’t need some TLC! You can go and get a mani-pedi and massage or you can take turns doing one others nails and toes, the key is relaxation

·          Wine Tasting – what says unwind like a bottle of wine? Don’t think you like wine, try a few different types and see if you can find one you fall in love with. You can each bring your favorite bottle or you can go to a local winery to try their selection.

·         Sports Night – if you and the gal pals are into a certain team then who says it can’t be fun rooting your team on?

·         Fashion Swap – do you have shoes, clothes, books, home décor or antiques you need to get rid of? Everyone brings a few things they can part with and you “shop” each other’s stuff.  You can add a little zest by having every person bring a gag gift.

·         Bowling Night – beer, nachos and bowling sound fun to anyone? A little competition never hurt anyone and you will always have a story or two to tell from this night on the lane.

  For a girl’s night to be successful, you need to relax, do something fun, and have enough time for conversation so you can catch up on everything your girlfriends have been up to. Even a few hours with your gal pals can improve your viewpoint and lift your mood.

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