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We know that trees remove tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unregulated destruction of forests and trees would continue to have an adverse effect on the environment.

We love to do our bit for the environment and buying environmentally friendly products is an easy way of making a difference to the planet.

Going green has not only become a hip trend, it has become an honest way of life. No longer can we continue to be wasteful towards our planet’s natural resources. Eco-friendly stationery is an easy way to do your part for the environment while writing a letter.

When it comes time to pick out your eco-friendly personalized stationery, it is good to be aware of the different kinds of eco-friendly paper that is available on today’s market.

Recycled paper: much like it sounds, recycled paper includes recycled materials in anywhere from 10% to 100% of its makings. Using recycled materials for your personalized stationery means less wasted energy, water usage and landfill space.

Limelight Embossed Notes are made from 100% recycled fibers (minimum 30% post-consumer) and manufactured chlorine free. Your last name initial takes center stage on these eco-friendly embossed fold notes. Your personalization is beautifully embossed on your choice of color paper. Optional embossing on envelopes also features the initial design. These cards measure 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ and are available in blue moon or green tea heavy weight paper. They can be embossed with your name, monogram or motif at the top. For a masculine appearance a block font is usually selected and for a more feminine look a script font is typically used for your name. Make sure you have your return address embossed onto the envelopes. The beautiful embossing on the envelopes only adds to the elegance of your stationery. Even the most discerning environmentalist on your list will find plenty of uses for personalized stationery.

Renewable energy paper: this is paper that is manufactured from wind power and other renewable energy sources. This helps to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and other toxins that are released into atmosphere.

Chlorine-free paper: As regular white paper is often made with the chlorine as the primary bleaching agent, this paper is made from only environmentally friendly bleaching processes.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified papers: this is paper that is made solely from practicing sustainable forestry and land management. This is a direct response to the issues that face North American forests.

Tree-free paper: this paper is made completely free of trees. Instead of chopping down trees, other sources of fiber are found like cotton fiber and other non-wood fiber materials. This all saves trees and helps to discourage the demolition of forests.

Now that you know a little more about environmentally friendly papers, you can choose your eco-friendly stationery accordingly.

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