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Halloween is a great time for parties, and if you are hosting one this should be a time to have fun, to enjoy dressing up in costume and to spend some good time with your friends and family as well.

A good heart pounding Halloween party can’t be planned without Scary Halloween Invitations. Though a cute costume party might be nice for children a frightening one is better for teens and young adults. One of the main reasons this particular holiday is so popular is because of haunted houses and horror movies. So adding a classic invitation like Twilight Zone Invitations could put your party at the top of everyone’s list. Shopping online with us is always the best way to find a custom scary invitation for Halloween parties. I personally believe that Haunted House Halloween Invitations are a great way to show a little scare, with the right mixture of fun and information about your party. If you really want to catch your guests’ attention, Spider web Halloween Invitations are a sure to do the trick.

Finding the right invitation stationery card does not have to be frightening! It can actually be kind of fun. Include previous years’ parties or include your family for some fun. Send Halloween greetings to family and friends with Candy Corn Photo Cards.

Once you have an idea of what kind of spooky get together you want to throw, then it’s time to begin your search for just the right invitation cards. You will want to begin with our gigantic selection of exclusive and spooky designs where we are certain to have just what you are looking for.

Patterned Pumpkin Invitations have a dual us so you can use them for your Halloween party, Thanksgiving, or any fall celebration.

Just make sure that if it’s a really creepy party younger children aren’t invited. Things like haunted houses may be too much for them.

You’ll want to ensure you mail you invites four to six weeks in advance. This will allow your invited guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend your fun event.

Here are a few tips for kids parties:

If the whole purpose of the party is to carve pumpkins, you want to have time to enjoy them.  Not too far in advance, though, because they can rot. Include neighbors and friends so you have plenty of kids, and plenty of adults.  The adults are good helpers with the heavy pumpkin-lifting and hard carving.

Plan other activities, not just carving.  Consider a craft station, yummy Halloween food and perhaps a contest of some kind.

When it comes to kids Halloween parties you have to be mindful that some kids will not want to substitute trick or treating for a party, so if your party is planned for Halloween night you may lose some of your potential revelers.  Having a pre-trick or treating party is a great idea; or take the group with you to several preplanned homes.   On the invitations be sure and indicate the location, the starting time, (as well as the ending for kids’ parties) and remind the invitee’s to wear their Halloween costumes!  Add an RSVP number for responses.  If you are having a particular theme for this party, be sure to indicate that on the invitation as well.  Indicating that there will be prizes for various categories of costumes is a great way to get your guests to make an extra effort in their dress up choices. A few appropriate games will be fun and will keep the kids busy.  Choose age-appropriate activities, such as Halloween Bingo, Candy Corn Catch, or even the Mummy Wrap game.  Halloween Bingo cards can be obtained online or at most novelty stores.  Candy Corn Catch is a simple game in which kids try to throw as many candy corn pieces into a plastic pumpkin (or a plastic cauldron) as they can during a preset time interval.  The Mummy Wrap game involves teams.  Divide the children up into small groups.  Each group will pick who gets to become the mummy.   Set a timer for a predetermined amount of time and while the time runs each group will use toilet paper to create a mummy with their designated group member.

Keep decorations simple, but make them fun.  A few lit Jack-o-lanterns are perfect, as well as the liberal use of spider webbing with plastic spiders inside.    Change a few of your light bulbs to black or purple to create some spooky mood lighting.  Use Halloween themed tablecloths on the food tables.  Bring out all your Halloween décor to fully dress up the occasion.  Don’t forget to play some appropriate spooky music in the background, too!

The rules regarding Halloween parties change somewhat if you are having a party just for adults.  Adult Halloween parties can be extremely fun, here are a few tips to make sure yours turns out perfectly. Make special Halloween cocktails.  There are many recipes on the web for all sorts of ghoulish cocktails to serve your guests. Any drink is going to look spookier in an appropriate Halloween-themed tumbler. Sometimes for adult parties it’s fun to have a theme.  For example, you could have a Wild West Party, where all the guests would dress in attire from this time period. Plan the party as if you are getting married and then have all the guests come dressed as already deceased wedding guests.  Other simpler themes could include superheroes or villains.

Halloween themed food is needed for your party.

Finger foods and simple fare are going to make your life a lot easier.  Even regular foods can be re-named into appropriate dishes.  Guacamole dip can become “swamp dip” and meatballs can become “eyeballs”, etc.  For kid’s parties, a tried and true favorite dessert is the “Cup ‘o Dirt.”  In clear plastic cups, layer chocolate pudding (about 2/3 of the way up) and then sprinkle on some crushed Oreo cookies. Garnish with gummy worms.  Easy and kids love this! You can also find some other fun Halloween themed recipes here on our site.  For another amazing Halloween beverage trick you can add a small piece of dry ice to your punch bowl that will make it look as if it is smoking.  Do not do this ahead of time as the effect wears off and the drink may get too cold very fast. If handled directly, dry ice can cause burns similar to frostbite, so care is necessary and children should never be allowed to touch it.

Just remember trendy Halloween invitations should be ordered several weeks before your planned event, but even if you suddenly plan a last minute party, you can still get an attractive, amazingly inexpensive Halloween invitations at American Stationery. We guarantee that all our custom invitations you order from us will be stylish when you choose from our award winning designs. Remember that our vast selection make us America’s first choice for all your holiday and event stationery!

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