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Everyone needs an organized, comfortable space to work. Also, there are a few accessories they may need at any given time while writing their invitations, grading school work, or blogging. Here is a list of things I believe you may need to keep on the desk and within reach while working on your craft.


A computer is the number one accessory you need on your desk. Rather it be a desktop or laptop, this is the main key to your job or hobby. Without a computer, you will be unable to post your work on time or save it for a reference. Also, if you write stories or articles, you will need this as well since it is the main stream tool of our time. A lot of writing markets allow writers to submit their query letters and other works through e-mail, and it is one of the most popular ways to relay important information in a timely manner.

Writing Utensils

Even if you do most of your writing on a computer, pens or pencils are another accessory you need on your desk. You don’t know when you may need to jot down a few notes, or write a draft before typing it out and getting it ready for submission. Always keep a writing utensil available, you never know when you may be in need of one, and you don’t want to waste time having to stop and search for a pen or pencil. Also there is nothing like receiving hand written stationery, it is the personal touch that counts and makes you stand out these days.

Sheaffer Pen  is a reliable crafted ballpoint pin that is sure to please and makes a great gift for anyone, it is available in aqua, wine, and orange all with blue ink.


Keeping paper within reach is very important. Keep a neatly stacked pile of paper or a notebook within reach. With most writers, teachers, and bloggers, their mind is constantly at work. You may need to write down an idea that pops in your head, and you will want to do this quickly before you get interrupted or lose your train of thought. Without paper available, a great idea could be lost forever.

Contemporary Memo Pads are never boring, yet professional look for notes and memos. Simple ruled border and modern typestyle leave plenty of space for writing on these padded sheets. They are five inch by eight inch and are personalized up to twenty-seven characters.

Personalized Memos 3”x3” and Refillable Holders are perfect for quick notes at home or work personalized up to twenty characters and spaces with a plastic holder in choice of two colors.

Professional Mini Memos these mini memos are small enough to go anywhere. Use them in the office, in the kitchen, by the phone or any place you need to jot down notes. The acrylic holder keeps all 250 sheets neatly organized.

Reference Books or Dictionary

These items are very essential even though most of us can use spell check they will come in handy. No one wants to submit any work with a lot of typos or punctuation errors. This could cause you to loose some credibility you have worked very hard to create. Reference books are great to keep handy; you may need to do some research on a subject you have been contracted to write. These types of books are available in different sizes, so they will not clutter your desk or be in your way.

Just Write Book is about the art of personal correspondence. Learn to compose heartfelt and expressive letters with this guide by Molly O’Shaughnessy. This up-to-date hardcover book offers tools and techniques for all forms of letter writing including email.

Daily Planner

This desk accessory is great for writing down and keeping track of any website or e-mail address of clients and contacts you may be networking with. It is also good for keeping track of when an assignment is due and any notes you may need pertaining to the assignment, such as word count, point of contact and more. It will help organize any events, letters, or thank you that notes that need sent.

Personalized Activity Calendar are perfect for us busy people that are on the go. These personalized weekly calendars help anyone with a tight schedule keep track of their busy week.

Organizing Tray

This is a tray to keep on your desk to keep papers, mail and any other important documents within reach, and all in one place. With one of these trays, you can avoid having several different papers flowing all over your workspace. Another benefit to having an organizing tray is; you will always know where your things are if you were to get phone calls regarding important information. Your documents are within reach and the person on the other end of the phone will not have to be put on hold while you search for what you need.

DYO Memo Pad Set and Holder – Design with Name help give your desk that extra flare with different selections of personalized memos. This set comes with small, medium, and large memos all personalized with an acrylic holder.

Web cam and Microphone

A web cam is a great accessory to have. It is perfect for any video conference if you work with other writers or need to be involved in a meeting and you work from home. You will need a microphone as well, so you can participate in the conversation and make any comments or suggestions.

Fax Machine/Scanner

This is a great idea if you are pushing a deadline and need to send your finished product quickly. It is also handy when you need to fax and release forms or any other important documents. Even better is a combo with scanner and printer for pictures and such.

White out or Erasers

If you prefer to write by hand, these accessories are very important and should always be on your desk. As mentioned earlier, no one wants to submit their work with any mistakes. Do not send any writings with a bunch of lines crossed through misspelled words or misplaced punctuation. That would cause you to receive a rejection letter in the mail real quick. A writer has to do his best if they want to succeed, be careful of your mistakes and keep these accessories available so it won’t happen to you.


This accessory is almost as important as the computer. When you spend hours or days, depending on what you write, completing a project, you will most likely need to print it out and mail it. This is essential, as not all companies accept work by e-mail or fax. A lot of things are sent by snail mail. This allows for your work to look more professional.

It is definitely a way to make your day a lot easier and more organized.

Personal Items

One last thing a person may need on their desk at all times; a hot, fresh cup of coffee for all those late nights and early mornings, and pictures of something or someone you love.

Photo Mug is perfect for any desk and makes an excellent gift for so many people, from teachers to aunties. It is a white ceramic mug that holds 15 ounces and a precious photograph.

Photo Water Bottle is an aluminum water bottle that is a great way to show off your favorite photo of the kids or the pets while you are hard at work or on the go.

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