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Use the right accessories to make your outdoor wedding charming. Accessories often make the wedding and are the items guests remember well.  The following are some ideas for accessories: garden lights and patio lanterns for evenings, seasonal flowers placed in pretty teapots. Also, floating flowers and candles in pools, are super eye catching and memorable. Wedding colored cameras for guests to take their own photos of the wedding, these capture beautiful moments of your wedding you might not have had a chance to see.

Remember to think about where you will dress for the wedding, where the prep area will be for things like the tables and chairs such as will there be an area where vendors can work their set up magic, and where the wedding party can go if they need to change. Be certain you have ensured your guests are as comfortable as possible during your wedding ceremony. In fact, when sending out your invitations, it may be wise to let everyone know in advance that your ceremony will be outside, in a tent, etc. If you need help with the wording for this type of situation, be sure to ask Ms. Carey’s advice.

In closing, remember to prepare for any weather. There is no greater fear for an outdoor wedding than rain, but extreme heat and humidity, mosquitoes or flies, and a surprise cold spell in the early fall can make everyone uncomfortable too. Make things easy on yourself, and your guests by selecting a location that provides relief from any weather-related ills. However, if you aren’t one to stress over a bit of rain and you can’t afford a tent with all the fixings, go ahead with your outdoor wedding dreams, and hope for perfect weather! Happiness, in any surrounding, is sure to be a part of your outdoor wedding!

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