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When making your arrangements, and before sending out your pool party invitations make sure that the pool will be free at your selected time. It is a good idea to let all members of your family know about your party well in advance if you’re having it at your personal home. If you live in an apartment complex, try to coordinate the time, and permission, with your landlord. It is wise to ask for cooperation from the other tenants by posting polite signs and asking your neighbors for help. Feel free to promise favors in return, like freeing up the pool to suit the needs of others as well.

Before you order your invitations you should create a guest list. Be sure you that everyone on your list will receive a formal invitation at least 2 weeks before your party date. However, a month’s notice is ideal if you want to be ultra thoughtful of those with busy schedules. If time permits you may want to send out another reminder 3 or 4 days before the party, this can be a quick email, or text message. Keep those on your party list in the know in order to maximize the number of people at your party. A truly happening party is a full one.

In advance of party day you should let your guests know what, if anything, they are expected to bring. Guests hardly ever come to a party empty handed, so make sure those hands are filled with useful items. Communicating in advance with your guests will ensure they don’t bring too many random items that won’t really be useful during the party. Keep your requests simple and modify them to fit what is a reasonable request for each particular guest. However, you should always prepare for a guest not to attend so make sure you have enough to take care of your party needs with or without any request that’s made. You never know what can happen at the last minute to put off a guest from showing. Don’t risk running out of soda if a guest doesn’t show up. Be over-prepared in order to be a great host.

 One last minute tip and warning: Try to make time to create a cute party favor that your friends can take home. Remember that the weather is unpredictable…be sure you check the forecast and include a plan B, or rain day with your invitation. Most importantly relax, and have a swimmingly good time!

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