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A wedding outdoors can be absolutely perfect for the outdoorsy nature lovers or scenic garden lovers. It’s important to plan well, however. If the weather goes against you and you have 150 guests standing in the blustering wind and pouring rain, it will not be the romantic, fairytale occasion of your dreams, but a nightmarish run to any available shelter with wet, irritable guests! Here are some ideas for you to consider when planning your outdoor wedding, to be sure that even if the weather is not on your side, good planning will be and the wedding will go ahead according to plan. Choose the best outdoor wedding location to meet your needs and expectations. The best locations are usually those that have a built in, no fail, indoor option. One great example would be wineries, which would be a very romantic location and usually include a tent, gazebo, and indoor dining option for the reception.  Another suggestion would be Inns and retreats; these, in almost any locale, provide stunning outdoor wedding areas as well as an indoor option. Also, large city owned gardens will often allow people to utilize their grounds for marriages.

Be sure you check out the availability of air conditioning if an indoor option becomes a necessity. Being outside also may require heating lamps or heaters for your tent during autumn & spring weddings. Or fans during summer weddings, if the light, romantic breeze you planned doesn’t cooperate.

Bathrooms must be available! If your wedding location doesn’t have an indoor facility that can handle the amount of guests you intend to invite, you might need to call and rent portable facilities. Don’t skimp on the price here…high end portable potties will do the trick and they are a lot nicer than you would think! Make sure these are in a convenient location, that won’t require your guests to walk past them unless on their way to them. Always include paths to and from your port-a-potties to the festivities area. 

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