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Baby shower gifts can be effortless or elegant, traditional or imaginative. Be sure you select your gift with originality and care, because the possibilities are never ending.

The following is a list of a few things the new baby will need;  everyday clothes, special occasion dress clothes, nightgowns, baby blankets, baby brush/comb set, baby’s first bath, rattles, stroller, picture frames, soothing CDs, baby toys and of course you can never go wrong with gift certificates. The mother would also enjoy Spa gift certificates!

Now comes your big decision…what to actually get for the new bundle of joy! Be sure to check and see if the new mom to be has a gift registry. These days, it is popular choice to register for baby items that they want and need. When selecting your gift, be sure to use your knowledge as a parent (or ask someone you know who has kids). Think about things you couldn’t live without during the first year. Consider the necessities, and also consider the needs of the new parents. Do they need a front carrier, a baby backpack or a stylish diaper bag? You can also go together with a group and purchase big items such as baby furniture or strollers. Be sure you send these items early in the pregnancy, or tell the parents you plan to buy them. Double check before your purchase of any large item to make sure it hasn’t already been given. Returning furniture is not nearly as easy as smaller items such as baby clothes or extra lotions. If you want to give a gift that will last a life time, you could monogram a silver baby mug, baby silverware or a silver picture frame. You can also buy child sized jewelry, a name tag bracelet or bangle; a heart necklace for a girl; or an ID bracelet, or cufflinks for a boy. It is probably best to choose clothes in size 3 months or larger. A baby will usually quickly outgrow newborn sizes. Remember to keep all your receipts, including gift receipts if possible.  This will be very helpful if the mommy to be needs to return multiples. Another great gift idea is to start the baby’s book collection with a classic hard back book. Put a nameplate in the front cover for it to feel more personal.

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