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It is now that time of year when many women are hoping for a tiny box under the tree. It’s true that many men will propose around the holidays. For a lot of us it is the only time of the year when we are around our family. So why not pop the question when visiting home. It also allows for your bride to show off her ring right away. It makes perfect sense to put the warmth of family, the holidays, and the glow in each other’s eyes.
When thinking of wedding season we know that not long off from the engagement can be the engagement party followed by a whole bunch of gatherings and parties.
That is where we come in. For your next event or party consider ordering our Classic Place Setting Invitation. Perfect design of a plate and utensils is not only classic, but gives the guests no hints as to your wedding theme. Whether you want it to be a surprise, or simply have not decided yet! This card offer a simple design with just enough room for the necessary wording. After all, no one likes to be bombarded with irrelevant information, especially when it’s for an event they have to buy a gift for. The first box of 24 is $36.00 with a price break at just $26.00 for each additional set after that. And that is for printed cards! The price and quality combination can not be beat. And because we know brides just simply do not have enough time on their hands. We also suggest ordering the Classic Placesetting Address Labels to match. These labels will allow for an elegant return address and less writers cramp!
Remember, it’s for that special day and everything you do will be one step toward the rest of your life. Make sure all those people that are close to your heart need to be there with you, so let them know with one of the best and most beautiful way.
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