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The age of texting and email has not killed off the ancient art of handwriting. In fact, sending good, old-fashioned personal notes is becoming more popular than ever. With so much of our communications being electronic, people are recognizing the human-touch value of a solid piece of paper in handwritten ink. But do not think writing a note has to look old fashioned. We are not talking about your grandmother’s stationery. You can find a wide assortment of customized and personalized stationery that will make a statement all about you.

If you have not shopped for stationery in a while it is alright.  Over the next couple days, we will list of some of the different personalities you can express with your own personalized stationery.

  • The Adventurer 
    There are many stationery styles for the globetrotting adventurer. Some papers incorporate classic geometric designs of traditional cultures such as a Moroccan tile motif or Swiss floral design. Other choices include tropical hibiscus patterns or safari animal prints in non-traditional colors such as fuchsia or hot lime green. A new trend in stationery with a more casual personality is cards with a stick figure or cartoon person that can be customized to your choice of hair and skin colors. Choose a design showing your character in action — taming a lion, climbing a mountain, or smoothly sailing on the French Riviera. 
  • Bold and Fearless
    Bold is big theme for the new millennium generation. Paper choices range from very plain where you let a dark, bold color border speak for itself to ornate, large wallpaper-type patterns printed in rich dark navy, deep purple, espresso brown, hot pink, chartreuse green, and even a classic true red. These patterns tend to work best in a neutral- and one-color combination but you do not have to limit yourself to one color. Some personalized stationery sets come in a combination of one design repeated in a palette of four or five colors, or alternatively some designs are now using two or even three colors combined on the same card for a fearless look sure to make statement. (see Hand Bordered Stationery
  • Classic Cool
    If you’re the type who speaks few words but each word is important, you may choose a classic design where the paper takes backstage to the words printed on it. Classic designs often feature subtle borders and initials embossed on thick, textured paper in cool tones such as pastel blue or soft ecru. Looking for classic but modern sophistication? Why not try a bright white paper stock with just your name printed in an ink of your choice — you cannot get any more classic than basic black, but if you want a bit more personalization olive green or pumpkin orange are some of the popular accent colors for today’s classic designs.
  • Designer Diva
    Fashion encompasses more than just clothing and shoes. Think of your personalized stationery as an extension of your own wardrobe accessories. Channel your inner diva with a Hollywood-themed design, or select a pattern with stars and confetti. Another big trend in designer stationery is hand-drawn or painted hats, shoes or shopping bags expressing what you are all about. Alternatively, draw from the new trends in the real fashion and accessories world with throw-back preppy Delightful Dots Cards

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