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Now that we are emerging into the throes of winter many of us have already begun dreaming about spring break, the first chance to break away from the bitter cold and get a taste of the many long lazy warm days to come.  Naturally if you are on vacation there will inevitably be a rainy day or two, especially if you are dealing with the beautiful yet often erratic weather that so many of our most beloved vacation getaways seem to have.

Don’t let those rainy days dampen your vacation mood, cheer yourself up by writing your pals about your vacation adventures. May we suggest, purchasing the Natural Shells Notes. These new seashell styled notes are just the thing to take with you on vacation.

This way you can share those wonderful moments as they happen with your friends and family. Sure you could stop and pick up some local postcards but, they lack the personalization and quality that our seashell notes have. Also, you won’t be able to fit the entire story of little Johnny’s reaction to his first crab on a tiny post card.
The lovely light blue color is reminiscent of a crystal clear body of water and the brown coloring of the seashells provides a beautiful accent. These cards come 4 ¼” by 5 ½” giving you just the right amount of room to share your most recent vacation memories. . At $32.00 for a box of twenty with envelopes included, this is a perfect sized must have for those rainy vacation days.
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