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I have gotten many questions about the best personal stationery for men.   Having years of retail experience and a husband and 2 sons, I have learned that there is a certain look 8 out of 10 men choose.   Correspondence Cards are generally preferred over a folded note.
Paper colors range from white, ivory, light grey to beige/sand. A light blue can also be a good choice. Font styles are usually tailored and a block style. Favored ink colors are black, grey, navy and brown. Hunter green and burgundy run a close second. I also discovered that men like blind embossing.
When it comes to envelopes, a return address on the envelope back flap is considered a great convenience. Envelope liners are up for grabs. Some men like them while others think they are unnecessary. I personally think that lining envelopes adds individuality and style. Often I would add a lining to my husband’s and sons’ rather bland stationery choices.
Below are some of my favorite correspondence cards and therefore recommendations for the men in your life.
                     5115       Slender hand bordered panel card
                     1490       All in One Card
                     6559       Corinthian Card
                     3525       Diplomat Card
Any of American Stationery’s hand bordered cards, in colors mentioned above, are great choices too!
If the man prefers a folded note, that is perfectly proper. I do suggest that you try to keep the paper color, font and ink color the same as recommended for correspondence cards. I have listed some good folded notes for the man in your life.
                     6583      Corinthian Notes
                      IS          Debossed Panel Informal Notes
Any of the hand bordered collection is also a good choice.
The American Stationery Company offers some excellent business stationery too.
                      8360     Top Quality Business Stationery (8 ½” X 11”)
                       8370     Executive Stationery
A great extra for the businessman is the Deluxe Business Memos – 3181. They are perfect for a brief note or interoffice correspondence. I am also partial to MCUB – personalized self stick memos.
When it comes to personalizing a man’s stationery, it depends on its use. If it is for business or professional use, I recommend the following:
                        Jonathan William Doe
                        Jonathan W. Doe
                        Jonathan W. Doe, M.D.    or   D.D.S    or   D.V.M
                        Jonathan W. Doe, Esq.    or   J.D. ( if he has a doctorate)
                        Jonathan W. Doe, Ph.D
Please note that I have not used “Mr.” with any of these. Business and professional stationery is the only proper place to include advanced degrees.
Personalizing stationery for social use differs from professional use. According to traditional etiquette, a medical doctor may use “Dr.” on social correspondence. Clergy and military sometimes use their titles or rank. Otherwise, strict followers of etiquette say “no titles, degrees, etc.” on stationery for personal use. Below are some examples of proper personalization:
                        Jonathan W. Doe
                        Jonathan Doe
                        John Doe (very casual)
                        Dr. Jonathan Doe (medical doctor)
                        JWD – initials of the first, middle & last name. Note all letters are the same size
                        JDW – a monogram – the center letter (last name initial) is in the center and larger
When buying stationery for a gift, I often suggest that you check with the recipient to be sure you use the proper personalization. I always say it is better to “dilute the surprise” and give a gift that will be used. Improper personalization of a gift makes the stationery useless to the receiver.

More later,
Ms. Carey  


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