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You Have To Be
Distinctive To Be


That Is the Power of a Personalized Gift

Surrounding yourself with nice things is a part of the care of the self. Quality objects that you own and use often can become part of your identity, even of your sense of self-worth, and they can represent you in many subtle ways. You probably like the things around you for many different reasons: some just look good, and some are functional, but chances are that the ones you like best are the ones that reflect who you are, and that they are the ones which you would be the most reluctant to let go of. Having nice things also shows that you put attention into how you live your life and are keen to attend to the details. This is an attractive look, but it is hard work. It is always the product of a struggle between how much control you want over your global presentation and how difficult it is to achieve it. Generally, it is worth striving for the optimum in this respect, because, whether in business or informally, presentation is key. A word, a name, or a thought printed on an object can make it feel like it’s your own even more than it already is, and give it a whole new worth. Showing that you are attentive to the little details is a look of confidence. It says that you are also in control of the big aspects, and that you care.


There are many occasions for which such soft communication about who you are can make a crucial difference. In business, personalized stationery, pens, and office supplies that you give away can make you more memorable to your customers. A pen or note pad with your business’s name on it that is nice enough to be worth keeping around could mean that yours will be the first number to get called when the services you offer are needed.

On a personal level, in particular, giving a good personalized gift can provide a subtle but deeply emotional link to another person.

Good gifts are incredibly rewarding to both give and receive. Bad gifts are always disappointing because they are missed opportunities to share something valuable with a friend or loved one. Giving a truly good gift is a matter of talent, and it can do wonders to grease the social gears, whether the receiver of the gift is a business partner, a friend, or a family member.

A good gift celebrates the history of the relationship and paves the way robustly for its future continuation — unlike disposable gift cards, personal cards will be kept, they will not break like coffee mugs, nor will the receiver of the gift outgrow them like toys. Such things aren’t subject to fashion trends, and, if they are personalized, they will not fail to be moving in the years to come, as they are found again and again in a book or in an old box of memories and keepsakes, photographs, and letters. Such items will remind their owner of a certain stage of life, in a way that will not perish easily. Ultimately, the gift always links back to the giver, and the main idea behind it is to be remembered by the recipient. Whatever your relationship to the receiver of the gift, whether it is business-oriented, or for a friend, familial, or romantic in nature, much stands to be gained, and also perhaps to be lost, from your choice of a gift. Because a gift says so much, not just about its intended recipient, but also about you, the giver, a thoughtful, personalized gift is likely to create a capital of good-will between you and the other person that will endure.

Personalized Is

Always Better


A personalized gift is to a generic, mass-produced gift as a hand-written letter is to an email. The sheer level of attention and care that has gone into a letter gives it a warmth that an email could never hope to emanate. The same applies for gifts — the more attention that has been put into them, the more touching they are, and because they are so visibly addressed to you, you can make them your own immediately.

Something as simple as a pen can become a memento of a good time or of a pleasant interaction, if it has a name or a significant symbol etched into it, marking a business event or a gathering of friends and family. After the event itself is over, such gifts continue to be active in the lives of the people using them and remind them of that occasion, and of you.

Personalized gifts tend to be classy. They also describe you, the giver, just as much as they do the recipient. They impart a special charm and identity to just about any occasion, and show the receiver that you “get” them. For those who want to create intimate, memorable connections with people they love, or who want to be remembered, giving a personalized gift is key. It is a chance to open up and show that you understand the recipient’s needs, character, and personality.

Depending on the occasion, there is no gender restriction to personalized gifts — everyone enjoys giving and receiving special things, and the recipient will appreciate a good gift for a long time. Entire DIY marketplaces, like, have clearly internalized this observation into their business philosophy.

Not Everyone Has the Gift

to give Good Gifts


While gift-giving is such an important skill to have, it seems clear that it is a talent not everyone possesses in equal measure. Coming up with a good gift is almost like an artistic feat: it requires inspiration. You have to strike just the right note. That’s why it can be so hard to get the right gift.

Zooming in on the best choice out of an incredible variety of available options takes something akin to clairvoyance.

You have to be able to articulate what kind of relationship you have with the recipient, as well as know a whole lot about them — their character, what kinds of things they like, what sports teams they support, what their hobbies and passions are, etc. Even if you do know all this information, it can still be very difficult to find the gift that embodies all of these qualities together. Not everyone has the time and, frankly, the ability to scour the market for the best gifts for the important persons in their lives.

When choosing a gift for someone important to you, don’t just rely merely on your good intentions. Looking for a gift can become a potential trap of tiresome, random store hopping, with the end result of making you look and feel bad. Truly, there are few things worse than spending extended amounts of time trying to find the right gift and not succeeding. In the process, you end up disappointing the person you wanted to make happy, as well as yourself.

Making the right gift is a complex decision that has to take all sorts of things into consideration. Even if you do naturally possess the knack of gift giving, and already have a great idea of what you want to give, this might still be only half of what you need. You may yet find yourself in a seemingly endless search for the specific item that best expresses your message to the other person. You can avoid this pitfall with some assistance from people whose job it is to know the right questions to ask when looking for a gift.

American Stationery


American Stationery is a resource that can help you find and create the right gift, just as you envision it. Inspiration may be notoriously flighty, but their trained staff can channel their own well-practiced inspiration for your benefit. Their professional goal is to assist others in articulating the guidelines they are working with. (Think of the good kind of sales person, counselor, or career coach, who pays attention to your needs.)

Their personal knack for understanding the occasion for a specific gift, as well as their own gift-giving talents and extensive knowledge of what is available on the market converge with experience in helping others, to make them into a valuable resource that you can easily access.

These people are approachable, helpful, working on the floor of an American office, and ready to deploy their skills in a friendly conversation with you. The helpful consultation of an open-minded, imaginative third party will help you see better what your choices are and make a more informed decision.

American Stationery is nearly a century-old company, deeply rooted in their local Peru, Indiana community. It is family owned and operated, and takes great pride in the outstanding quality of its craftsmanship and services. It offers a very wide range of personalized stationery, paper products, gifts, and accessories.

Their website gives you a simple, systematic way to browse through their extensive offerings to find exactly what you need. They also have a print catalog which you can order free of charge, as well as a toll-free number where you can get 24/7 advice from their trained customer service staff. Additionally, they offer premium products at value pricing, making customized stationery into an affordable luxury.

Their products and services are top quality, and they offer the means for you to show that you understand your gift recipient’s character and needs. Whether it is personalized stationery, a custom print tote bag, a pen with your own words and images etched into it, an umbrella displaying your message, or a customized mug, all of these can display your message of business availability, friendship, or support.

American Stationery will print any kind of paper, textiles (for example, neckties), plastic surfaces, marble coasters, cutting boards, cookie tins, wine glasses, and wooden picture frames. In other words, if it has a surface, it’s printable, and they can print it for you. They also carry an extensive range of other items, office or other-related — jewelry, travel accessories, labels and stampers, party accessories, holiday cards, cups, napkins, gift wrapping. Only an extensive exploration of their neatly organized and intuitive website will do justice to the services they offer, as well as provide an easy way to find and to customize exactly what you

As a small company, they can afford to provide a level of attention to your individual needs which larger companies working with larger batches cannot match. This is a true brick and mortar business, delivering the kind of service you can only expect from a place that has made custom printing and gift-making the soul of its business for the better part of a century. American Stationery can provide you with ideas and inspiration for gifts and stationery, while giving you complete control over the end-product — you get to choose the material,

As a small company, they can afford to provide a level of attention to your individual needs which larger companies working with larger batches cannot match. This is a true brick and mortar business, delivering the kind of service you can only expect from a place that has made custom printing and gift-making the soul of its business for the better part of a century. American Stationery can provide you with ideas and inspiration for gifts and stationery, while giving you complete control over the end-product — you get to choose the material,

The opportunity to make a good gift is an opportunity to leave a mark on someone’s life for years to come. It would be disappointing not to make the best of it, and, because you know the recipient in a way that no one else does, only you can make the gift feel truly appropriate and fitting. All you need are the tools to make it happen. American Stationery can provide these tools. They can make your unique, personalized gifts for you, just as you request them, in the quantities that you need.

You have started your search, and probably already have a fair idea of what you want. Do you want to keep searching, or are you ready to start creating what you want? American Stationery can help you make some of the best gifts of your life.

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