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We’ve talked about it before, one of the reasons we don’t write much anymore is because there seem to be much easier ways to communicate. Or at least quicker ways like the telephone, social media, texting, and email. What method we use to communicate says a lot about what we want to say. If it’s a quick hello or question, then it makes perfect sense to be quick about it. But, something that makes letter writing truly important is the way writing makes you feel. When putting a pen to paper, we feel more at ease “letting it all out”. When we send a quick text to say life has us frustrated, we’re angry, in the moment and unable to resolve anything. Sobbing on the phone does not allow a moment of clarity. But, when we are writing, we are thinking. We become agitated, we calm down, we realize what it was that upset us, what went wrong, and what can be. There is a reason we’re told to journal and keep diaries when we’re younger. Writing how we feel helps us sort out our feelings. There is therapy in writing. Like when you think back to a conversation and you think of what you should have said. 

With products from American Stationery you can easily express your feelings. Whether it is a long letter where you gush over your new fiancé or a letter asking your best friend for advice on the promotion you are currently up for.

For example the Sheaffer® ball point pens that we carry. The Item number 9508 is our Ruby colored pen. With the lovely almost frosted look this pen is very popular. Beautiful blue ink comes out of the pen onto the paper seamlessly. This pen measures 5 1/2″ long and  is sold for just $12.50. For a few dollars more, you can personalize the pen. This item is a great choice to spoil yourself or as a gift.  

The Handcraft Vellum Business stationery is a terrific choice for writing letters. The size is a wonderful choice for the letter writer. This style of paper is also very popular because it works well when written on with pen, typewriter, or computer printer.  The number 3071 is perfect for longer letters as the Monarch size is a bit larger than the social size number 3070.

With three paper colors to choose from and ink colors too, it is easy to personalize your sheets before you even begin to write. The font and wording you choose to have at the top is up to you as well. Whether you choose to have just your name printed or your name and address (so your recipient has no excuse to not write back) is up to you!

Depending on your stationery size both, dimensional and quantity prices will vary. But Handcraft Vellum Business Stationery in the social size comes with 50 printed sheets and envelopes for $31.95. With that price you can afford to be as long winded as you would like.

Sometimes when we sit down to hand write a letter, we get so lost in what we are saying that we don’t do a terrific job of keeping our lines nice and neat. I’m often guilty of writing at an incredible slant no matter how hard I try. If you also have this problem, consider purchasing some of our lined stationery for your hand writing needs. 

The item number 1100 is perfect for the angled writer. This stationery is aptly named the Lined Stationery and Envelopes and is sold in the 6″ by 7.5″ size. At the top you may have your name and address printed on the top. Below, feel free to get as carried away as you like allowing the lines to be your guide. your personalization can be done in block or script and a set of  100 sheets and 50 envelopes is just $20.95

For the finishing touch make sure that you order some address labels. No they aren’t crucial to the letter writing process. But, scrolling through our extensive label volume and finding one that speaks to you and of your personality is inexpensive retail therapy at its finest. Labels really do say just exactly who you are.

From a cat lover, a farm dweller, or a hopeful aristocrat the address label you select to go with your stationery can be a therapeutic and important decision in and of its own!

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