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Every now and then it’s nice to stray from the norm. Try something different. Whether that something different is a new food, a new clothing style, maybe even a book. Trying something new gets us outside our comfort zone, which in turn helps us grow. It maybe even allows us to take on a different personality of sorts.  

For instance, you may be someone who always has their name on their stationery. Their name is fully spelled out in all its glory. It’s your name you should be proud of it, but every once in a while it’s fun to go with a monogram.

If you are typically a script name kind of lady, then changing it up with a bold block monogram on some funky designed note cards, is a great way to change it up.

Personally, I typically prefer a traditional design that is something classic and clean. If you are the same then you should take item 2656 for a spin. If you are typically a name toting traditionalist this ultra- modern chevron design shines in trendy yellow and gray. But, don’t let the hip factor fool you; it still says I’m a classic. For $66.00 you receive 25 notes with plain envelopes. With the bold block font it’s wonderful putting your monogram on these folded notes. For just $38.00 more you can line the inner envelopes a perfect way to complete your new look.

Maybe you are young and just starting to create your stationery personality. Once you enter the workforce, you’d be surprised how often you need to send a quick note. You may need to write a thank you note to a friend for setting up an interview or a follow up note to the interviewer. The list goes on and on and trust me people notice not only the time and effort put into the note, but the style of the note itself. It says more about you than you may realize.

Show that you are young, fun, and serious with these new and very affordable Poppy Wide Stripes Fold Notes. Item number 3085_1 are some very stylish folded notes that will definitely make a statement. With varying shades and sizes of stripes across the front and a funky monogram in the center these are ideal notes for a young interior designer or artist. $13.95 will get you a set of 20 5.5″ x 4.25″ notes with plain envelopes. A quick search on the website will reveal to you that there are several other designs at this size and price point, which makes these note cards the ideal way to test and see what you like.

Sometimes a flat correspondence card can send the message that your are all grown up. Typically flat correspondence cards feature less design and more blank space to write. Long a favorite among old and young alike is the Navy Hand Bordered Correspondence Card Item number HBC. This 6.25″ by 4.5″ card features a thin navy hand border along the outside edge and your choice of name or monogram at the top. Choose a staunch bold block font or an elaborate script for a break away from the normal casual styles. One set will give you 25 cards and envelopes for $35.95 you can always add the address to the back flap of the envelope or a colored liner on the inside of the envelope for additional charges. 

Really want to wow your recipient and make a statement to stand out? Try your hand at something so simple, so classic that for a young crowd it seems both daring and conservative. For this, the embossed letter sheet will make a perfect choice. Look at item number SES for just $28.95 you will receive 50 embossed sheets with 50 plain envelopes. Of course the option to emboss those envelopes is always available for and additional price. But, just take a look at your paper color choices from traditional white and ivory to beautiful pastel blue and pink. The bold and rich look of embossing is not to be taken lightly. The feel of your name under your fingers is something you will not soon forget. Neither will your recipient. Practice up your handwriting now because you will only want to display your best penmanship on these beautiful sheets.

If you are a teacher, then sending home notes to parents is a daily task. But, when the note needs to be handwritten, it can seem monotonous to include all of your pertinent information. Item number 2128 is a great choice for the teacher. On the bottom of the card you can include information such as your email address and the school’s phone number with your extension. This makes less writing for you and the parent, can keep the card on hand without the excuse of not knowing how to get ahold of you. For $32.95 you will receive 32 cards with plain envelopes. The card set features a variety of different color choices and comes in the slender and stylish 7.25″ by 3.75″ size. 

If you are one of those people that has a difficulty making your mind up, then you may want to check out the beautiful Letterpress Cards with Crane’s Lettra® Paper. To be specific the Signet Initial which is item number 9583I. These beautiful cards are made from 100% cotton paper which has a beautiful rich texture. They should, they are made from 100% cotton fibers. Your personalization is pressed into the card at the top your last name initial is featured enveloped in a beautiful ink and just below your name is printed. Perfect choice for those newly married or simply someone who just loves their name! $59.95 will get you 25 cards with plain envelopes on the traditional 6.5″ by 4.5″ flat card. 

Whatever your style or your personality, we invite you to take the opportunity to change it up a little bit. We can’t always be so daring to try the newest hairstyle or buy the latest in designer fashions, but a little bit of money on some paper with personality is a fun way to try something new!

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