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Have you ever wondered why you seem to gravitate to a certain color time and time again? Whether you are selecting an order of personalized stationery or creating a wedding invitation, there are certain colors that seem to be most attractive. There is in fact a lot of scientific research revolving around color, and how different personalities interact with its’ influence. With all of that in mind, what kind of Personality are you? Did you know that the color you surround yourself with day in and day out has a lot of influence on who you are? Our personality single-handedly consists of the many characteristics that make others classify us; thus we have a lot of underling colors that interact and are reflected in our lives on a daily basis. The following is a brief summary of color and its’ usefulness in our daily lives.

There are a multitude of different colors on this Earth, and in addition each and every one of these hues have some sort of an effect on those encountering them. They can influence one’s point of view and even the way one conceptualizes things within their lives. Although the majority of us may react to a color influence in what is considered a norm, there will be other individuals whose reaction may be significantly different. All artists, advertisers, leaders, and even state departments know the importance of using colors to express meanings from one person to another.

Colors and color theories began with the color wheel itself. This includes the psychology of how the brain essentially processes different colors, as well as how different colors affect behavior and moods. It appears that colors begin to have an effect on personal qualities via the way they are processed by the human eyes. Each human being registers colors at slightly different impulses and as a result, each color will affect the body with different emotional responses. Some experts believe that color and light come into the body through the skin, after registering through our eyes; it is combined through our body, from not only site but our energy.

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