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Colors are used by therapists as part of their healing regimes to assist in the shifting process of ones frame of mind, for those who suffer from brain disorders or who are emotionally distressed. For example the color green is used for comforting those who have anxiety, depression or are just down in the dumps. The color yellow can be helpful to those who need to be energized, and violet can be helpful for migraine sufferers.

The following is a list of colors and the feelings associated with them:

  • Blue: Tranquility, Tenderness, Sensitivity, Love and Affection
  • Green: Persistence, Self-Esteem, Possessiveness and Obstinacy
  • Red: Desire, Domination, Sexuality and Aggression
  • Yellow: Spontaneity, Originality, Expectancy and Exhilaration
  • Violet: Thoughts and Desires
  • Brown: Bodily senses, mental comfort.
  • Black: Expression of Nothingness
  • Grey: Refusal to be involved

So think about your what your favorite colors say about you, and start to use them to express more of yourself and your personality in your clothing, home décor, auto, and when selecting your next correspondence card, wedding invitation, birth announcement, thank you note. Go ahead and express a little more of the “real you” to those you interact with. Have fun and color your life!

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