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Have you ever wanted to write a letter that will make a difference, but not sure who to write it to? Here are a few ideas for letters that can literally change someone’s life.

Write a letter to a soldier.

Why not do your patriotic duty and play a part in history? Why not become a pen pal to a military person overseas. A letter from you may be the only mail they get to remind them of home and who knows, you’re letter might be the only thing keeping them going in the dark world they’re in. There are websites you can join like Soldier’s Angels that will set you up with your pen pal.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Have you ever read a newspaper article that just really caught your attention? Don’t keep your feelings to yourself anymore. Write a letter expressing how the article made you feel and it could end up in the paper, too. There is some required information though when writing a letter to the editor. You’ll need to include your full name, home address and telephone number for verification purposes. Visit your newspaper’s website to get the editor’s contact information.

Write a letter to an important teacher.

Chances are there you had a teacher that really made an impact on your life. Why not let them know just what they meant to you? You can usually get their contact information from their school.

Write a thank you note for a random act of kindness.

You write thank you notes for the big events in life, why let the little things go unnoticed? Each random act of kindness deserves another and writing a thank you letter is just that. Why not write a thank you note to the neighbor who fed your dog while you were on vacation or to the coworker who always makes the coffee in the morning?

Write a recommendation letter.

There is someone in every group who is doing miraculous things and going unnoticed for them. Why not bring the appropriate attention to that person by writing a letter saying how great they are doing and sending it to the proper leadership.

Write a letter to your hero.

Your hero can be anyone from your mom to your favorite sports player. Write a letter letting them know what you admire most about them. Send the letter to their fan club, home address or hang it on your wall to remind you of the type of person you want to be.

Write a love letter.

Everyone has love in their life, whether it is your spouse, your dog or your favorite food. Why not let that special love know just how you feel?

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