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In our modern age of quick mass production, where everything seems to come with a one size fits all impersonal nature, it’s refreshing to hold something in your hand that’s more individualized – especially if it’s custom made.  Not everyone is all that crafty with their hands, and even those who are may not feel as if their skills extend quite so far, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least be up to date on various style trends.  After all, there are some great sources for stationery out there that provide hassle-free, quality products that still allow you to express a more personalized tone.

A Touch of Spring:

Everyone loves it when the long, chilly darkness of winter finally starts to recede, and spring ushers in a special awakening of plants and animals.  The days begin to lengthen and grow warmer, flowers and new shoots start to burst forth, and one is struck by an unmistakable sense of rebirth.  Spring is a time for positive outlooks, for stretching one’s body and soul after the long haul of winter – thus making this the perfect time for celebration.  Whether you have family and friends with birthdays or special anniversaries in spring, have a wedding to attend or host, a springtime event you want to invite everyone to, or you simply want to extend warm wishes to others for the coming year, getting out your stationery and getting creative is a great way to capture the essence of spring.

The obvious go-to for spring would be florals of some sort, but don’t limit yourself to just traditional, ordinary looks when searching for quality stationery.  Some particularly great looks are those that come with a charming country vibe, something that creates a visual of old farmhouses and rustic gardens, lemonade and tree swings.  Stationery featuring wildflowers or even paper that’s made to have an aged look are great for this effect.  Another fun way to go would be to focus on stationery that offers old scientific botanical or ornithological illustrations, something reminiscent of the work of John James Audubon.  Graphics and illustrations aren’t the only elements to focus on when creating a spring vibe.  One can forgo the graphics and simply focus on color, choosing stationery that features light greens, blues, and yellows, and thus offering a soft brightness in keeping with the floral rebirth of spring.


Opting for borders around your stationery, whether it’s the card, thank you note, or envelope, helps to create a professional, finished look for your stationery.  Some particularly popular border styles include those that encompass art deco or art nouveau elements.  These styles came about in the early 1900s on through the 1920s and 30s, and dreamers of vintage elegance and innovative design have fallen in love with these styles all over again.  Other fun borders include those created through embroidery, from simplistic to intricate threading.  If you’re looking for stationery for your business, opting for a simple, understated colored border can easily convey a look of professionalism.

Vintage Bohemian:

Perhaps you’re inspired by travel or know someone who is, at which point this would be a great opportunity to have some quirky fun.  Stationery that uses vintage maps or printed graphics inspired by such maps has become very popular, with a wide range of options available on the market to ensure your selection has a personal, individualized feel.  Lace can be a great look, especially when it accompanies cool patterned stationery, thus creating a layered look that creates an effect of both substance and decadence.  Calligraphy can be used to great effect when trying to capture a more vintage feel for your stationery, even if it’s just purchasing sets with calligraphy styled monograms.

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