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This time of year graduations are all around us. From college, to high school and even from pre-school. Many people have a graduate in their lives and are putting together a graduation party for the special person in their lives.

Planning a graduation party isn’t much different than planning any other party. You need to as always think of the invitations, the food, and the decor. The rest is typically easily put together.

The invitations:

If your school doesn’t provide something for you, American Stationery is sure to have something that will meet your needs.

Before ordering, make sure you have all the information written down in front of you that you will need to include.  Fear you have become a little wordy? When in doubt, leave it out! Invitations should be straight forward. You want to state what is happening, ask your guest to join, give a date, time and location. Any other information should be kept to a minimum.

From young and whimsical to staunch and classy. Just check out the invitations tab on our website. A drop down menu will appear, from there simply select graduation. With pre-set templates, you can delete the generic information and add your own or customize it all including font and point size. Most come in sets of 20 with matching envelopes for around $36.00.

Many of our invitations offer for an additional cost, matching address labels. This will not only tie your look together but save you precious time.

Our quick turnaround time will give you peace of mind. Just order and relax while we do the work. Most orders are typically received within two weeks from ordering. Many much faster!

The Food:

First thing to consider, what time is the event taking place? If it is a typical meal hour, then your guests will expect a meal. If you are planning this event on a tighter budget consider hosting the party at an odd hour. Say two o’clock? Many guests will have eaten lunch already and dinner is a far away thought.

Hors d’ oeuvres only should be just fine for a mid-day soiree. For the preschooler offer childish snacks that grown-ups will enjoy as well. For instance ants on a log are a healthy and favorite treat of young and old alike. Just spread peanut butter on small 3-4 inch pieces of celery and top with raisins.

For the high-schooler you can be a little more grown up and a lot more fun. Mini stuffed bread sticks and other fun snacks people can grab and walk around with are ideal. High school graduates (like pre-school graduates) aren’t known for standing in one place so be sure to have the food spread out in a more relaxed version of a buffet style.

The college graduate is likely to have a slightly more sophisticated palate. So her you can offer up small finger sandwiches. The watercress ones your mother used to always make should go over pretty well with this crowd.


When it comes to decorating as always think of the person and event you are planning for. Pre-school parties can be as wild or as low key as you want. An obvious color palette that you can never go wrong with is primary colors. Decorations will be easy to find and a theme will be a breeze. Something with ABC’s or 123’s is while always expected, it is always charming as well. You can really go overboard with balloons and streamers here as they will be very appreciated by your youngest party goers. Remember though to keep anything that is easy to grab above the reach of the little ones. Also, while we know this doesn’t really fit in with decorations, you will want to plan a few activities. Children this age will make up their own “fun” but, it may not be something you’re okay with like sword fights with the carrot sticks.

High school graduation parties are typically all about looking back. Many mom’s spend countless hours the nights leading up to graduation pouring over old photos. And then they spend even more time creating beautiful photo collages. This is a great idea. It gives you a chance to reminisce with other friends and family members. It may also provide a few ways for you to embarrass the graduate. But, just a little after all it is their day! Funky paper garlands or swags with glittery pieces or in school colors add pops of color. Also be sure to offer a book to sign in on or possibly a shirt with the high school mascot for all to sign. This is a great way to take memories with them off to college.

For college parties think about ordering one of those personalized banners, or making one yourself. Whether it be with a photo or just the University name and graduates name, this will make a wonderful keepsake after you ask everyone to sign it. Any type of color theme should be based off of the school colors. This is also the party where personalizing your napkins and cups will be the most utilized. Guests and the graduate themselves will want to keep and are more likely to hang on to than the other crowds a small memento such as a napkin. American Stationery offers many different personalized products such as cups, coasters and napkins. Best of all you can order them at the same time as the invitations and receive them together.

Lastly, don’t forget to discuss with your graduate what they would like to see or eat at their party. After all, it is their party and their success that you are celebrating.

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