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The time of year is creeping up on us when we start thinking about graduation. Many of us are graduating or know someone who is about to graduate from something, somewhere.

Whether it be High School, College, or Preschool. This recognition of completion is an important and joyous occasion.

When you think about purchasing a gift for yourself or for the graduate in your life, think about stationery.

Many High School students will soon find themselves in the adult world of  meetings. Whether this is with their new counselor at the local university, or a prospective employer. It is important for students to understand the importance of sending a follow up note to the person with whom they met. Your graduate will definitely stand out when they not only, show the initiative at following up, but do so with their own personal stationery.

American Stationery offers a broad selection of many different correspondence cards and folded notes. It can be difficult to decide on which one.

There are two different things that we suggest people consider when purchasing stationery. So be sure to think about the following before making a selection:

Your personality- First and foremost it is important to show your personality with your stationery selection. Just be sure to do this in a classy way. Stationery being sent to a potential advisor, needs not express your undying love for butterflies. But, it could show that you are fun by having a whimsical font and a purple border. The purple hand bordered correspondence card is a terrific way of saying “I enjoy color.” without being gaudy.

Your recipient- Who is receiving this note? If you are thanking your advisor for listening so intently and believing in you when you went on a fifteen minute rant on how “law chose you, you didn’t choose law” The something sophisticated and subtle would be the better route. The beautiful navy hand bordered note, which showcases your name or monogram embossed in the center. Now for the thank you note regarding the internship at the museum for modern art, the marquis note makes a superb selection. This fold-over note features your first name in traditional upper and lowercase script with your last in all lowercase block. This note shows you’re modern and sophisticated.

Stationery says a lot about a person so make sure that it says the right things about your gift recipient. Personal taste is not always easy to match, so if you are selecting stationery for a friend or family member and you’re worried, go with something clean and classic. A block typestyle on a simple border less flat correspondence card is always a good choice.

One of the best part of purchasing stationery for someone, they usually send a thank you note to you on it! So you can see that they enjoy and are using your gift!

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