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This summer you likely have a million activities planned for both you and your family. Anyone who has children knows that it can be a chore in itself to keep your children from the dreaded words “I’m bored!”. It can be even more difficult to make sure they do not fall behind while out of school. So how can you keep your children busy and continue to help them learn throughout the summer months? Order them their own stationery of course.

Keeping them writing will keep them thinking, and working on their penmanship. While handwriting notes and letters may not seem to be a whole lot of fun to them when mentioned, they’ll take to it once they see what cool stationery is available to help them show their personality.

At American Stationery we have something to fit every age and personality.

Even those little guys who are just learning to scribble out a letter or two can certainly send a special note to grandma and grandpa! The item number 2756 is perfect for your budding writer. These awesome little fold notes are covered from head to toe with yellow trucks ready to work and play hard. For $66.00 you will receive 25 plain notes.  When your little one opens these notes they will see that there is plenty of room for them to draw a small picture or write a little note. With options to choose from regarding pre-printed address and lining of the envelope you will be pleased as well with keeping the look seamless and saving time.

Do you have one away at baseball camp? Send him or her off with these adorable Baseball Stripe Correspondence Cards, item number 2774. These flat cards come with your name at the top centered below a baseball with two thick red stripes at the bottom. In between the design is a large area for them to write home with all of the latest details and statistics of their latest game. $55.00 will send you 25 cards with plain envelopes. As always if you wish to tie the look together you may for an additional charge for envelope address printing and envelope liners.

Did the fairy garden that you all put in during the spring break spark a new love for fairies with your daughter? Keep her ready to write notes to fairies and friends alike with this awesome  Fairy Correspondence Card set. The price is just $ 55.00 for 25 cards. The entire flat card is covered in the whimsical design featuring two fairies at the top arched just above your child’s name with an adorable and colorful woodsy design at the bottom.

Don’t forget to get your tweens writing. Getting them to put the phone down and writing a letter might seem hard, but once they brainstorm all the cool things they’ve done this summer they’ll be itching to get a pen in their hand.

Have them send letters to their friends that go far away for summer vacation. They might scoff at how lame it sounds when social networking can get them in touch within seconds but, everyone loves receiving mail.  How cool will they look in front of their friend’s cousins when they receive a handwritten note from a friend at school? Item 2391 is the ideal card for the hip tween in your life. Nothing says you’re in the know like a little bit of animal print. This subtle yet, super cute correspondence card features a side panel of leopard with a thin aqua blue line. For $36.00 you will receive 20 flat cards with envelopes. These cards will be the talk of the summer.

The young adolescent boy might require something a little more grown up than dump trucks but, nothing quite as stuffy as a solid bordered card. Take a look at the item number 1030, the Friendly Personal notes. These casual fold notes are a great choice for the writer who would rather tell a story with their words than with a fancy design on their stationery. The name appears to the bottom right and is fit between horizontal and vertical lines. With plenty of room to write when open this is perfect for the writer who has a lot to say. You can personalize it with your choice of paper and ink color and will receive 25 notes and envelopes for $29.95.

Once you’ve chosen stationery for them, it’s important to make sure they use it. It’s likely that once they see their name printed on something, they’ll have plenty to say and have plenty of people in mind to write to. But, in case they do not. Here are a few things to get them in the mood to write:

Tell them to describe what they did that day, week, month etc.

Have them explain their dream vacation.

Have them write about what they expect their next grade to be like in school. Will it be easy, hard, lots of new people, a fun teacher?

Discuss a new activity they have participated in. Like summer tennis lessons or the new pool across town.

Whatever it takes, teaching your children a love of writing especially over the summer break will help bridge the learning gap between school sessions. It will also open them to a whole new world, and teach them an outlet to use throughout their lifetime.

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