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Sometimes saying thank you isn’t about a gift that you have received. Sometimes we need to say thank you for other reasons.

Maybe you stayed at a friend’s home while vacationing this summer? It’s important to express your gratitude for their hospitality. Whether they were there or they let you and your family stay in their beach home without them it’s proper to give them a thanks worthy of their deed.

Consider purchasing a set of Hibiscus Slender Notes (number 5946) and sending one their way. These colorful slender notes are sold in sets of 24 for $28.95. The thin 7.25″ by 3.75″ size makes them stylish without taking away room for your sentiments. With plain envelopes included it will be a snap to send this out as soon as you return home. Write to tell them and tell them how much you appreciated them opening their home to you. How lovely it was to relax and spend time with nature and family. If you’re feeling especially generous offer to take them to dinner next time they are in town or a show. Let them know that you are grateful and are willing to return the favor. Whether they take you up on it or not, acknowledging their kindness is often all anyone wants to hear anyhow.

This summer my kids aren’t the only ones taking classes. I’ve decided to learn to become a much faster and stronger swimmer. Think about sending thank you notes at the end of the season to any coaches, or teachers either you or your children have had. We always remember to thank our teachers doing the school year with gifts and notes. But, we often forget those who help us out in the summer. From your daughter’s soccer coach to the lady at the local museum who is always offering fun classes. Send them a note letting them know what they do is important to you and your family. The salon notes item number 3126 is a new and fun fold note perfect for the individual or the family. Personalize it with your choice of paper and ink color and add your name. The 5 3/4″ by 3 7/8″ size is ideal for a long or short message and the notes come in a set of 24 for $29.95.  The style is classic and clean that’s why it works for mom, dad, the kids or everyone together!

What about that niece or nephew of yours who has been helping you with the kiddos over the summer? You offer unlimited access to your pool and soft drinks for a little help with your children at the grocery store. Show them at the end of the summer how much that extra help really means! Thank them with a simple thank you card like item number 5246. This stylish slender note card has a lot of room for you to write your appreciation and even slip in a gift card to their favorite book store or fast food restaurant. With your choice of paper and ink color, you can have your initial and name printed in a stylish font on the outside. The set comes with 25 printed fold notes and 25 plain envelopes ready for you to fill with all of your words of thanks! For $28.95, you might go ahead and buy a set for your niece now. After all it won’t be long and she’ll be sending out thank you’s of her own for graduation and interviews!

Don’t forget to encourage your children to write out their thanks this summer as well. To who? Well to grandma and grandpa of course? Who else was willing and able to scoop them up from art class and sit poolside during three hours of swimming? Who else said “Of course you can stay one more night.” after the third overnight visit in a row? Order something cute that grandma and grandpa can cherish. Something like item number 4348, the bug notes! These adorable little guys are a great choice for your little guys. 25 of these fold notes is just $28.95 with optional printed return address available for an additional charge. You can order them in white with your choice of ink color with either a boy bug or girl bug. Teach your child to say thanks at an early age. It doesn’t have to be over the top or a short novel. A little “Thanks for all the fun this summer grandma!” is enough to warm her heart and make her feel that she is appreciated.

After all isn’t a little appreciation what we really want when we do something nice for someone? Of course we don’t expect or need someone to say thank you. It certainly doesn’t mean we won’t carry on being helpful. But, that little bit of encouragement, that little nod of thanks can make a crummy day a good day. Then you have more of a desire to go out and keep doing good!

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