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With summer break in full swing it can at times be difficult to keep our children occupied. Even more so to keep them unplugged. While technology is wonderful and certainly a very valuable tool it is important to spend time away from screens, building our creativity and using our imagination.

So when a rainy day or even too hot of a day approaches, consider one of these ideas from American Stationery.

In our house games like tic-tac toe and hangman are still fun rainy day activities that we do at the kitchen table, on the floor, in the backseat, everywhere! Don’t worry about wasting valuable printer paper and purchase one of the Game Pad Sets. This set includes three separate pads of 50 sheets each for $32.95. Each pad has your child’s name and the words game pad at the top. One pad is already set up for a game of hangman, while another has six tic-tac toe boards, the third pad is blank.

Whether it’s time to have a rousing game of tic-tac toe or draw a picture of grandma’s dog, doodling and playing games with paper and pencil improves hand and eye coordination along with boosting creativity. These sets are printed in about three to five business days and are printed in your choice of three inks.

If doodling alone is what your kiddo is into, then check out or KaDoodle Kit. With your child’s name printed on the top of these heavyweight cards they will be able to give their doodles away or hang them up with ease and not worry, whether they will crinkle in transport. The plastic carrying case makes it easy for your little one to take their artwork on the go and create a masterpiece wherever they are. This kit includes two pads of paper, a small pack of crayons and a plastic tote to carry it all in.  The kit is $35.95 and arrives within two weeks. Be sure to purchase this item before your next road trip to keep the kiddos busy during those long stretches between bathroom stops.

As a child, it can be incredibly exciting to have a little place of your own. Think about purchasing a Kid’s Travel Desk for your little one. This adorable and functional “desk” is ideal for a kiddo that loves to play and draw hard. The top of the desk has a wipe-able surface with either a princess or truck design and a basket underneath to store paper or additional supplies. On the top of the board there is an area for a cup to hold pencils, crayons, scissors or whatever you may need. For $5.00 it can be shipped out within just a few business days and ready for your budding artist to use.

Who doesn’t remember putting together puzzles on rainy days? Why not have a puzzle created from a photo of last summer or maybe a picture of your child with their cousins from out of town. A 60 piece puzzle (item number 9705V) is a great way to spend a little time with your child on a rainy day. For $26.95 you will receive this 7″ by 10″ puzzle made from any of your favorite photos. You can also add wording to the top or bottom as a way to include a special message. This item must be ordered online and does take about a week longer to receive.

This summer we hope you find fun and exciting ways to spend time with your family and simple ways to entertain them too!

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