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It’s finally spring! Oh, this winter has been a rough one for most of us. With record snowfall and blistering cold temperatures, I for one am just happy to see the word spring appear on the calendar! Even though it’s a chilly 40 degrees right now, I hear birds chirping and am dreaming of full bloomed lilac bushes, Easter orchids and more!

There is just something about flowers that represent spring. Those first green stems starting to stick up from the still cold ground. The little buds of green sprinkled across a bush or tree. It’s exciting, it’s fresh and best of all this year, it means warmer weather is at long last on it’s way.

At American Stationery, there is no lack of floral and spring designs for your stationery or other personalized gift.

Nothing says spring more than a small bouquet of blooming daisies. The Fresh Daisy Ensemble is an adorable spring time stationery set. The whimsical font displays your name and leaves plenty of room to write your sentiment. The open face design and large petals makes this bloom welcoming of the sunshine filled days ahead. Use these notes to write a note to your family and friends letting them know you made it through this long cold winter okay and that you are ready and willing to get out and visit.  This ensemble features 12 fold notes, 12 flat cards, 24 envelopes and 70 seals all for $28.95. The notes and cards are digitally printed which means they are smooth all the way around as you can’t feel the personalization.  Your name will be personalized in a whimsical font on both the cards and notes in your choice of lime, gray, or black ink.  For a few dollars more you may line the envelopes and or print the return address on the back flap of the envelope. This item, number 3092 is a great choice for the gardener. Whether you buy it for yourself or for a friend it is sure to send some sunshine to all who receive a note on this stationery.

Another sure sign of spring is the emergence of pastels. These appear from clothing, to bathroom, accessories to even our stationery. Pastels pop up just as quickly as flowers do in the springtime. You can keep your spring cleaning lists organized, the aptly named Spring Fling Memo Pads and Holder set. For $29.95 you will receive 700 sheets on seven pads of vibrant colors. Each pad is personalized with your name. Some with just the first name others with your full name and they all fit perfectly into a personalized acrylic holder. With various sizes, it will be easy to make use of all the memo pads. From a grocery list, to a note to the teacher, to a honey do list and more!

Looking for a unique floral display on your next set of fold notes? Take a look at our Blossom Notes. These notes have a beautiful display of hydrangea blossoms printed on the side of the note in a watercolor style. With two color choices of rose and pink, or blue and purple you can show off your favorite colors with your favorite bloom. The soft look but heavyweight paper will be sure to delight everyone who receives a note from you. These fold notes are sold in a set of 24 with plain white envelopes for $28.95. If you would like, you may purchase the optional inner liner and or outer return address printing for additional costs. The liner for this item is just $24.00 and really adds the pop of color to make a complete look. Or decide to keep the envelopes completely plain for a more casual style.

In the spirit of springtime breathing new life into your everyday, why not purchase some new address labels. The new Gramercy labels design offers a fresh look to the old standard boring address labels. For $12.95 you will receive 60 labels in a vibrant color combination. The standard size still applies for this item number 3152_1 but, that is the only thing standard about these bold labels. With lime green and hot pink your initials take center stage inside a robust flourish and your address lies below. The bold block offers a hip contrast to the flourishing design. The 60 labels come as two sheets of 30.

If you think a stamper is more your style than a label, then peek at our round return address stampers. A perfect style number for spring is item number 2849_3. This style features a gorgeous sunburst. With a variety of ink color choices to choose from, you are definitely able to keep the stamp fun and colorful. For $28.95 you will receive your custom made self-inking stamper personalized and ready for about 5,000 impressions! A perfect item for the person who made a new year’s resolution to simplify their life!

Do you spend a lot of time out in the business world or at social gatherings? Chances are you have needed to give out your card a few times. Whether it is to meet for lunch with a new acquaintance or strictly for business purposes, it seems like we ask for someone’s card fairly often. So you would be remiss to not be a calling card carrier yourself. Think of spring with the item number 9836. This perfectly square calling card is ideal for the social butterfly or for the creative professional. Your information is placed in the center and surrounded by dozens of vibrant floral blooms.  Keep spreading the cheer by using this item to pass your information on. For $28.95 you will receive a box of 75 calling cards. If this is a design you like, be sure to check out the many other items we carry in the Spring Blossoms collection.

Another way that you can tell spring has sprung is that we start to see more animals. During the long and cold winter so many little animals go into hiding. But, once the weather is warm and the brush is out we begin spotting bunnies, squirrels and more! If you’re an animal lover consider purchasing the adorable item number 8157. The Woodland Note set. For $32.95 you will receive 20 fold notes with a variety of furry animals on them. You will receive five each of all four designs. Below the beautiful black and white design is a colored band with your name written in a script font style. Complete with plain envelopes these notes are a terrific way to show your family and friends how excited you are to see all of your favorite woodland friends this year at the lake house! Keep a set their or send with the older kids this summer to camp!

If you aren’t currently in the market for new labels or stationery, that doesn’t mean we do not have the right item for you. Our soap gift collection set is a great item to add a touch of freshness to your powder room. With different color and scent combinations, you’ll find the perfect one to brighten up your home. Whether you choose to have your name or monogram on the soap is your choice of course as both look lovely positioned on the bathroom counter.  So often, we change our air fresheners from crisp fall scents like apple to say a warm laundry scent around this time so why wouldn’t our guest soaps follow suit ? Show your guests you know how to keep up with the trends and the Jones’ by updating simple small things like this in your guest bath this year. Each bar weighs in at 5 ounces and you will receive three  for $30.95.

Or maybe you would like to carry around a new pen in that new purse of yours? Order one of our Sheaffer® pens and you will not only like to show off the outside of your purse but, some of the contents inside as well. All pens carry blue ink but, we have several different external colors like Orange! Type item 3160 in and then select your color. For just $12.50 you can carry the pen plain or add $5.00 and have it personalized. I prefer mine personalized that way it’s easy to spot when I look for it after lending it out!

We hope you enjoy the onset of this lovely season and all the joy it brings both material (like our gorgeous stationery!) and not, like the smell of fresh cut grass!

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