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Deciding what type of food you are going to serve can be a lot of fun as well. We would suggest staying away from anything too labor intensive, unless cooking is your forte. Instead opt for different easier finger foods that work well with a wide array of dips, cheeses and sauces. A lot of favorites can be placed attractively on a pretty tray, and look like you’ve worked on them for hours. So keep in mind that a great presentation is bound to make up for any cooking shortages you may have. Whether you are a great chef or a novice, be sure you include some variety in your selection, so that everyone will be able to find a few things to enjoy.

Deciding what beverages to offer at your party can be just as important as deciding on your food offerings. You can safely stick with a variety of beer, wine, water and soft drinks. Or stock an open bar…either appoint a couple of friends to bartend throughout the evening or invite everyone to serve themselves. If your budget isn’t large enough, it is perfectly acceptable to ask everyone to “bring their own”. The choice will be easy, once you have decided what friends will be attending.

Since this is your party, and your night, be sure to make time for yourself to enjoy the party and your friends. One suggestion would be to pass around trays of appetizers, giving you a chance to greet and mingle with everyone. Another is to take turns bartending, answering the door or involving others in games or music. Be creative, you’ll find a way to enjoy everyone and yourself! You should definitely be the crowd cheerleader when the countdown to midnight begins…hugging, cheering and kissing should definitely be part of this occasion!

When the party is winding down it is best to make sure all of your party goers are safe to drive. If you have any doubt, you should arrange for a driver or a cab to see them safely home. We would also encourage you to have your couch and guest room made up for those that may have enjoyed your party too much…

We hope this helps open up your planning process for your next New Year’s Eve party. Whatever you decide on just be sure you plan on having fun, keeping an open mind, and adapt to the flow of the group. You’ll have a great evening and a great start to your New Year!

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