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When planning your party consider what start and ending times will work the best. You don’t want to start too early, when you are having a post midnight end time. It won’t be any fun when the countdown begins if you, and most of your guests, are too tired to celebrate! Another positive to starting your party later is that you will only have to serve up appetizers, snacks and finger foods; everyone will have already had an earlier dinner.

You will want to have out some holiday decorations, some nice touches can be icicle lights, candles and cozy seating arrangements. The lights and candles will soften the atmosphere, and intimate seating arrangements will encourage guests to relax and chit chat. You should also plan on adding some pizzazz to the evening with fun additions like horn blowers, party hats, or confetti. While this may seem a little juvenile, as the night winds to an end they will only add to the laughter and enjoyment.

No party is complete without the right music playing in the background. You should prepare a play list that can be changed frequently throughout the evening. We would include classic hits, seasonal favorites, dance tunes and anything else that will spice things up. Music is a sure hit at New Years, and it shouldn’t be hard to get everyone swaying or dancing to the beat as they mingle with each other.

If you need entertainment, other than music you should have tables and games set up well in advance. A few tables of cards, poker or gin rummy tournaments can be a lot of fun. You could also pull out the Monopoly board or Trivial Pursuit…the list is endless. Games are usually a crowd pleaser and one way of creating interaction amongst your guest. This is definitely something to consider as an early or late evening ice breaker.

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