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Generally there are three different types of holiday cards available for purchase. However, the fact is that there are hundreds of designs to choose from. The number of designs available makes choosing the perfect holiday card a difficult decision. The three basic types of holiday cards are a traditional card, photo mount and photo cards.

Traditional cards can be very simple or very elegant and elaborate. They generally have a holiday design on the front and room for a personal message on the inside. Once you decide a traditional card is for you, you then have to decide which design fits your family best. The card designs include garland, holly, stars, snow, etc. The motifs include Santa, Frosty, Rudolph and other holiday characters.  (See Traditional Holiday Cards)

Photo mount cards offer a way for you to choose a simple or elegant card while also showcasing your family in your most recent family photo. Photo mount cards usually have a border which may or may not have a design. The border surrounds your photo which is secured to the card by glue surface applied by you after you personalize your card with a hand written message on the inside. (See Photo Mount Cards)

Photo cards are the latest addition to the holiday card family. With the rise in digital printing, the demand for these holiday cards has also risen. Digital printing allows the printer to print your high resolution image right on the card design. There are many designs available from which to choose. (See Photo Cards).  These designs incorporate your photo in many different ways. Some offer just your photo on the front of the card in a horizontal or vertical position while others fit your photo into the design of the card. One way would be to incorporate your photo into the shape of a Christmas tree ornament or perhaps into the shape of a gift under the Christmas tree.

As you can see that while there are generally three types of holiday cards available there are several designs to choose from. With a diverse group of designs you are certain to find the perfect card for your family.

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