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Aside from business letterhead and printed envelopes, your corporate stationery arsenal almost always includes business cards for corporate travel and industry conference exhibit halls. Business correspondence cards are less widely used, though their uses are probably the most diverse of any stationery that leaves your office. They can range from short, formal requests to a quick note to a colleague about fourth quarter performance. Either way, there are some new styles we think you should be aware of.

Business Cards

Business cards are among the most important pieces of business stationery a person will order. Traditional business cards follow a strict set of guidelines – engraved in black on white card stock, with the placement of contact details prescribed by business etiquette. If you have been collecting business cards lately, though, you will notice that traditional cards are in the minority these days. Full color printing, photo process printing and all over designs are among the newest styles in business cards. Some of the freshest contemporary business card designs feature bright color accents, your company logo and dark backgrounds.

Business Correspondence Cards

As we said before, for those times when you want to include a personal note with a business communication, correspondence cards are an excellent choice. Traditionally, business correspondence cards are simple correspondence cards with your name and the name of the company. The newest correspondence cards feature bold borders and colors that make a contemporary statement. Choose high quality card stock correspondence cards with borders and engraving in a color chosen from your business logo to present a coordinated image to your customers and colleagues.
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