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So far in our series, we’ve covered the basics: business letterhead, printed envelopes, business cards and correspondence cards. Now it’s time to look at things you might take for granted or that don’t come to mind as often. Your desk is probably chock full of sticky notes, jotters, calendars, and all the little things that make your office function day to day. Well, all those little day to day necessities come in a variety of styles and designs to match the ever evolving corporate cultures of today’s business world.

Memo and Note Pads

Not all business and office stationery is designed for outside correspondence. Memo pads and sticky notes, note cards and jotters make interoffice communication easier. Sticky notes printed with your name and company name are a contemporary solution for the times that you want to pass on a catalog or reference book and enclose a short note to call attention to certain sections or point out a few important bits of information… or just to say "Thought you’d find this interesting."

Desktop Office Stationery Products

Blotters, calendars, memo cubes and notepads are all important pieces of office stationery. Desk blotters and calendars printed with your company logo can help keep your entire workforce organized, and give all the desks in your office a uniform appearance. Desktop organizers are another staple in the office supply category. The newest styles are metal mesh that makes it easy to see and find what you need.

Special Office Stationery Gifts

Holidays and special occasions are often tricky to navigate when you are buying gifts for your staff. Office stationery gifts can make that much easier – and be good for your office morale as well. Business card holders embossed or engraved with the company name or logo are elegant, contemporary gifts for all of your sales or consultant force, as are day organizers or business appointment books.
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