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Most likely, two of the staple office supplies in your corporate stationery arsenal are business letterhead and printed envelopes. They are traditional cover sheets and matching envelopes imprinted with your company logo, name, title, etc. While most businesses are represented very well by this traditional approach, small changes to the layout of the text might bring about a more modern office stationery ensemble that more suitably fits the corporate culture of your office.

Business Letterhead

Your business letterhead is the most visible office stationery that your office will use. If is used for official correspondence with customers, business associates, the press and anyone else with whom you regularly do business. Generally, business letterhead has your company name printed at the top and contact details across the bottom. If your company desires a twist on this classic approach, turn the whole thing topsy-turvy. Some contemporary office stationery styles are printed along the side rather than the top. The biggest bonus to this modern approach is a change in the width and height of the printing area.

Printed Envelopes

You business may use printed envelopes in a number of different styles and sizes. The most common size, of course, is made to match your business letterhead, and usually has your business return address printed in the upper left hand corner. Newer styles incorporate your business logo into the return address or place the return address along the left have side of the envelope. While it is traditional to use plain white envelopes for printed business letterhead, you may choose a professionally crafted color that reflects your business as well to make your business correspondence stand out from the crowd.
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