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Every family may have different family traditions they perform each year for Easter. If there are small children, this can change the tone of things. For example, small children will want to do things with eggs….whether it be assisting with the boiling and decorating, or shopping for plastic colored eggs to load with candy, coins or something else for fun…anything they do related to Easter and eggs is fun and exciting for them! So, the adults in attendance have their work cut out…they need to be responsible for making sure that everything is prepared, hidden and ready for the children to find. They also need to be in charge of procuring the items to be included in Easter baskets…toys, candy and other surprising treats!

Children of all ages find hunting for Easter Eggs irresistible! Whether they hunt for eggs with their friends, their cousins, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandmas, it doesn’t matter! Having your own Easter egg hunt may be ideal way to assure everyone is out of harm’s way and enjoying their time safely!

Once you have decided to proceed, you should keep the following in mind. Weather, no matter what part of the country you are from, is never predictable, it may rain, drizzle, storm or even snow on the day of your Easter egg hunt! So when planning, be sure to keep an eye on what is in store weather-wise in your part of the country. With that in mind, you should also have an alternate plan. If you were planning your hunt outdoors, plan B should be moving everything inside, or in the barn, garage or anywhere else that is more sheltered. When hiding your eggs, be sure that you don’t place them anywhere that may be dangerous for a young one to retrieve them, such as a tree, a ditch close to the road, or an alley. When hiding your eggs, be sure you have an accurate count…especially in the house or you may discover days later a “stinky” egg that was unclaimed during your official hunt! Hiding the eggs inside will be a little more limited, but get creative with it, such as inside boxes decorated for Easter. You should also limit your inside hunt to a room or two.

Lastly, while egg hunting, another good idea is to pair children up with a teenager or an adult. Either that or give permission for the younger ones to have a nice head start…with plenty of adult supervision! In general just have fun with it, this does not need to be an expensive party, and it should be all about the family and friends being together, enjoying their children, having fun and celebrating Easter!

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