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Coos, goos, and stinky-poos… soon life will be changing (no pun intended) upside down and inside out.

Having a child is a very personal decision and certainly one that requires much planning. It is a good thing, generally speaking, parents get nine months in which to prepare. It is fortunate that pregnancy, birth, and child rearing is not something we do on our own. Everyone loves a baby and looks for ways to celebrate and pitch in, especially for the first time mom.

For the Mom-to-Be

The mom-to-be is a very special person. She is the temporary sole caretaker of the forth coming bundle of joy. But, that only lasts for a short while. Soon her little one will enter the world and mom will learn to rely on others, probably much more than she had been accustomed. One of the many ways friends and family can jump start that support process is through gift giving. A baby shower is of course the traditional way to invite family and friends into the experience as well as supply items that will get mom and dad started.

Have you ever thought about the mom-to-be that isn’t surrounded by a lot of people? Maybe she is new to town or has a limited list of extended family or maybe she is a single parent. Maybe your community has an outreach program for mothers and children in need. Something to consider, especially if you are a church or non-for profit organization, would be to throw a large baby shower. Invite (literally) local churches and other organizations to give gifts that would provide the basic, yet all important necessities a new baby will require. Invitations, even for a larger community project, add that personal affect that people desire.

For Family and Friends
Okay mom and dad, the attention has been focused on you for the past several months. You have often been the center of much attention. That will to come to a halt when your little prince or princess makes their grand entrance into the world. Rightly so. Their arrival has been highly anticipated not only by you, but by those around you. Celebrate the new love in your life with a baby announcement. You could provide all the relevant information people want to know as well as include a photo. What a neat way to say thank you to all those who have been very supportive.

Whether you or someone you know is a first time mom or on the fourth go around, there is so much to anticipate, learn, prepare, fear and look forward to. If you are the mom-to-be, embrace those around you who are willing to impart their wisdom and guidance. If you are a loved one, the mom-to-be will appreciate your efforts to equip her in many ways; materially, physically. and emotionally.

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