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Are you moving out of your parents home and into an apartment? Are you newly weds looking for a starter home? Has your current home lost it’s ability to meet the needs of your growing family? Or is it that you are now enjoying an empty nest and need to down size? Maybe a job or retirement has called you to a new destination. No matter why you are moving, it sounds like you are experiencing a major life change. There are many family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to inform. You have held these people close through other life changes, why change now? Give your move a little personalized attention.

Moving Announcements

The search is over and you are now making mortgage payments. Between packing, tossing out old stuff, purchasing new stuff and getting acquainted with your new home, you may have forgotten to share your new information with everyone. Save yourself a few phone calls and emails and let the mail man do the hard work. Invest your time in the simplicity of using an "our new address" card.

You may not have had an opportunity to spend a lot of time saying your good-byes. Relocating due to a job or military transfer sometimes leaves people working on short notice. Moving announcements, such as our We’ve Moved Cards are an excellent way let your social network know you have moved. Such a card will allow you to provide not only your new address, but your phone number and email address as well. The recipient will appreciate being able to update their various address books in one fell swoop

Open House and Housewarming

You may have spent days, weeks and maybe even months looking for the house that met your expectations and dreams perfectly. Now that you have settled in, you may want to welcome visitors and entertain friends with style. Consider having a housewarming party.

It could be that you are not moving at all, a move may not have been the solution for you. A remodel or renovation may have been the alternative to your moving plans. A great way to introduce your new surroundings may be to have an open house. An open house will give you an opportunity to display your efforts and celebrate a job well done that may have involved many of your family and friends.

Whatever the reason you are planning a move, it is important to keep your family, friends & even the unavoidable bill collectors in the loop. Why send out a blah e-mail or make many phone calls to bring people up to date.

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