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The notion of coming of age can take on a variety of meanings. Coming of age could be the transition from being young and childlike to becoming older, wiser, and developmentally more mature. A few familiar representations of this would be the transition from infancy to a toddler or the celebration of one’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Coming of age also suggests taking on new responsibilities.

First Birthday Stationery

Though a little one may not remember this moment, it is a significant jump. Over the course of a year an infant grows, changes, and develops faster than many other stages in life. It is an occasion to delight in and remember fondly. The birthday boy or girl is special and should be honored by family and friends. A child celebrating their first birthday may not have a huge need for stationery, however, there are items available that will keep a first birthday memory alive or allow a parent to send a quick thank you note from the child to a gift giver.

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