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Let’s face it receiving a gift is fun! First of all more often than not receiving a gift usually coincides with something awesome. Holidays are awesome, your birthday, awesome and landing that client, awesome! Then there is the fact that someone thought of you with all that is going on in their own life and decided to take time out of their daily hustle and bustle to purchase something for you. When you think of all that, receiving a present sounds pretty great.

But, a personalized gift? Well, there is nothing like it.

The thought and care that goes into purchasing a personalized gift goes beyond what most would consider normal consideration.

A personalized product says that the gift giver thought long and hard about what to purchase for you, and purchased something they feel you will want to display proudly. Maybe it boasts your name, your monogram or your family name.

At American Stationery, personalization is very important to us, and not only for stationery but other gifts as well.

The dip and serving board is a unique and welcome gift for your favorite host or hostess. This product allows for generous servings of bread or crackers along with a good sized ramekin perfect for holding an infused oil or dip. The handle allows for simple carrying and cleaning.

For the little person in your life look at the puzzle stools. They are great choices for the younger people in your world. All children love puzzles, and all children love recognizing their name on something. It’s a double win! Each stool is handcrafted for a unique design every time. The non-toxic paint gives it a sharp look and believe us, these things are ready to handle all jobs big and small that your little guy or gal has in store for it.

Sometimes, the best gift for someone is something that you know they will use. A common complaint when you speak with someone about gift giving is that they do not know what to purchase because “so and so has everything!” When this is the case consider making a non-luxurious purchase.

No there isn’t much fancy about purchasing luggage tags for someone, but it is definitely a thoughtful gift. For instance, most of us know at least one person who seems to be traveling all the time. Whether it be for work or pleasure, it’s as though they are never home. A great gift option for this friend are the big and bright luggage tags. This is a popular item, and for good reason. Made of a hard plastic and featured in vibrant red and blue with a bold white lettering, it will be hard for their luggage to be lost in the crowd.

So the next time you are stuck at the department store deciding which trinket Sally might like, head home and give us a call or log on. Chances are we have the perfect personalized gift that will make you happy to give and your friend happy to receive.

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