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It won’t be long now and we will be ringing in the new year. 2013 isn’t gone just yet and while we certainly don’t want to wish the days away, New Years Eve parties are always something to look forward to. Deciding what to wear, finding a date, or just enjoying the time with your spouse, and getting all dolled up are all part of the fun of this time honored party night tradition.

Whether you always go to a certain party or want to plan your own party New Year’s Eve celebrations are important to many people along with the traditions that go with them. Did you know that the first new years celebration is believed to date back to the times of Julius Caesar? He marked January 1st as the first day of the New Year as it was the first day of the month Janus which is named after the Greek god of new beginnings.

In my family we always cooked cabbage on New Year’s Day. Cabbage is supposed to represent good fortune and prosperity.

If you’ve decided to throw the New Year’s Eve party this year, American Stationery can help you. We can provide you with planning tips and can customize some of your essential items for your party. So sit back and relax, we are here to help.

The first thing you want to think about for the party is the guest list. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, pay attention to whom you are inviting. Look out for those who do not get along and those who have never met. At our house, when we throw a party, I like to mix up the guest list and invite a couple or two who hasn’t been to many of our parties. We almost play matchmaker but, with friends. Introducing people with other like minded people is fun. You never know what fantastic friendship may emerge that you can take credit for.

Think long and hard about whether or not you wish to invite children. Some people like to make their parties a full family affair with activities for children as well as adults. Some prefer to go heavier on the “partying” and do not of course then want children present. Discuss with another party goer or your spouse whether or not a party with children is good for you. Think about your guests’ desires as well. For some NYE is one of the few times couples get to dress up and go out.

For a New Year’s party sending out invitations is important. This time of year is so busy for everyone that it’s nice to have a tangible reminder tacked to the bulletin board.  At American Stationery, we have several invitations that work for any event and mainly focus on a particular color scheme. A quick search of invitations on our website will reveal just that.

But, we do have one particular invitation that is designed just for New Years parties. The Champagne Speak Invitation is a festive and very inviting invitation indeed!

These colorful invitations feature a large champagne style bottle in the center that is framed around words used to describe this joyous time of the year. In the center of the champagne bottle is all of your party information. The item number 9901 is sold as a set of 20 flat printed cards with plain envelopes for $20.00. Your ink color, type style, and wording may be altered or you can simply use the template as shown. The cards take about three to five business days to process and you can order matching address labels (120 for $24.00) to tie it all together.

Once everyone has arrived it’s time to decide what to do with them and typically a NYE party starts later in the night. This isn’t normally a party that you are serving a four course meal for so dinner talk is pretty non existent. Keeping your guests engaged is your job and it can sometimes seem daunting. We’ve all thrown a party where we see the conversations lagging. Then the music somehow becomes less peppy, and you see everyone’s eyes simultaneously glance towards the door. In order to skip that you should consider hosting a game or two.

Don’t worry it doesn’t need to be a board game or some goofy getting to know you games (that we all hate). Just keep it simple and your guests are sure to enjoy. Charades has been a popular game for decades for a good reason. Even the teams that are terrible are good at getting a laugh, Most anyone can play and will want to. It’s an easy ice breaker without feeling as though you’ve just been put on the spot.

Resolution guessing is another fun game to play. Have your guests anonymously write down their resolutions on slips of paper.  Have each guest write down who they thing the resolution goes to as you read them aloud. This game is terrific for a group that may have several people who do not know each other very well as it can make for some of the guesses to be particularly humorous! Always have a prize or two handy for the winners. Such as a a bottle of wine or champagne, or maybe a box of chocolates. Something simple yet slightly decadent to begin the new year with.

If that guest list you created involves children, be sure to have entertainment for them as well. There is nothing worse than being told you can bring your kids to a party only to find out that they have nothing to do at the party. Set up games that are self contained just for them. Online you can find plenty of activity sheets about new years to print out and have them play with. Easy and non messy crafts along with their own snack area will make you a fabulous host both in the eyes of the child and their parents!

Speaking of snacks, have you decided what to serve? We mentioned above that this isn’t typically a sit down meal type of party but, you can’t not serve food at a party. Especially at a party where the drinking of alcohol is likely taking place.

Is there any easier appetizer than the pig in a blanket? Wrap small smoked sausages in a third of a crescent roll piece and bake. It’s easy, you can make several very fast and they are delicious. Serve with a few different dipping sauces and you have yourself a perfect snack.

A spread of cheeses and crackers is always welcome. Combine that wit a nice vegetable tray with dip and a fruit platter and you likely have a sufficient enough menu to please most everyone’s palate.

For kids in the interest of education on the holiday why not bake up a dozen cupcakes? How is this going to teach them you ask?  Smoothly ice each one with your favorite flavor of frosting and then in a contrasting color, pipe on the numbers 1-12 on each. ( a cupcake with a 1 with a 2 etc.) Arrange them on a platter so that they resemble a clock. Use two pieces of licorice as the hands in the center pointing to 12. If you have child attendees with a lot of will power ask them to hold off until the ball drops to dive into their cake.

Of course you will be serving different drinks at your party. Whether you serve alcoholic drinks is up to you of course. But, it is important to have something to serve the drinks in.

American Stationery offers a variety of different personalized cups for you to choose from. We have foam cups, stadium style cups, frosted and clear tumblers. All of which can be personalized with your choice of ink colors, typestyles, and design. The stadium cups also offer a change of cup color. They vary in price and are worth a look. Depending on the type of drinks you want, we surely have the perfect cup for you. Won’t it be fun when your guests arrive and see the cups that say “Annual McCoy NYE Party” with a martini glass? The frosted tumblers are a favorite among our returning customers the item number for the 14 ounce is 631 and they are sold in sets of 50 for $60.95. The frosted tumblers are dishwasher safe on the top rack only.

Of course we have napkins as well. Match your cups perfectly with our lovely personalized three ply napkins. A quick search on our website will reveal both plain white and colored napkins. Along with a few different styles of hand towels perfect for the bathroom. Our personalized colorful party napkins are a big hit this time of year. With several colors, and pre-written sentiments to choose from, they take all the work out of deciding on what to say.  For $26.95 you can receive 50 of these beautiful color napkins with your choice of sentiment and personalization stamped in gold. The item number for these is 5121.

Last but, not least you will need to think about your party decorations. From decadent to simple diy your decorations help set the mood for your party. A simple banner and plenty of balloons are NYE party staples. Purchase several old clocks (working or not) at a local thrift shop. Display them bunched together all pointing to 12 o’clock at your homemade bar.

Silver and gold are the traditional colors for new years parties but, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. Bright colors are perfect for this festive holiday that represents all things new and exciting.

Brightly colored party horns, some paper cones filled with confetti and boldly beaded necklaces are perfect for the kiddos.

Whatever you decide to do to ring in the New Year, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable time.

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