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Guys often get a bad rap in the world. Men are practically humiliated in media these days. They’re always inconsiderate oafs who, with exacting regularity, forget their wives and girlfriends’ anniversaries and birthdays, and they always manage to miss Valentine’s Day. They’re not only viewed as inconsiderate in media, but also too stupid to remember simple dates. They even have that napkin commercial where a little boy, no older than 10, is apologizing to a crying little girl for boys being viewed as mean bullies. Yeah, the world of television isn’t very flattering to guys, but many guys have earned this by missing the holidays. Don’t forget them this year. And don’t simply pick up a box of cheap chocolates and hope that does the trick. Step outside of your comfort zone this year and pick her up something she’ll love.

Whether for her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or for your anniversary, there are many great gifts you can get her that are unique and personal, and that she will love. The world of quality, personalized stationery has many different items that the special lady in your life will appreciate.

Giving Out Unique Personalized Stationery Gifts for Lovers’ Occasions

Personalized Soap Set

Most women share in common the fact that it doesn’t take them long to mark their territory and to transform a house into their home. The reason a “man cave” is a niche thing of such popularity is that, for most couples, the wives have the entire house and the husbands/boyfriends are not allowed to put their games or big-screen TVs in other rooms. For as mean and pushy as men are portrayed, they willingly allow their wives to decorate everything from the bathroom to the basement. Since she wants the bathroom to reflect her personal taste, this personalized soap dish set might just be a gift she will love. Personalized with her name and design, this dish holds three soaps and is even scented. She might not let you use it, but she will certainly love it.

Marble Desk Set

There are more women working in the professional world today than at any other time in recorded history. Things might not be 1:1 equivalency yet, between men and women in the professional world, but women are certainly carving out their spots. If you’re shopping for one of these professional women, she may appreciate a personalized marble desk set for your next gift-giving holiday. This marble desk set isn’t some novelty gift; it’s a true set for women in the professional world. It has a large name plate, a letter opener, a business card holder, and a pen holder, and every piece can be personalized with her name engraved across the front. It’s an eye-popping gift, and the black marble looks expressly professional.

Lavender Floral Pad Set w/Acrylic Holder

There are certainly a lot of male authors and artists out there, but far and away women take the most notes, doodle the most while on the phone, and are always jotting down reminders. Many wives are also famous for those dreaded “honey-do” lists, reminding men to take out the trash, pick up the girls from ballet, get the oil changed, etc. Instead of having her tear through notebook paper by the bushel, you can instead pick up a quality, personalized floral pad and acrylic holder set. This set comes with 6 different note pads in 2 different sizes, and also with a beautiful, clear acrylic holder that’s incredibly durable. She’ll be writing notes for years with this set.

Personalized Coral Sheaffer Pen

Men, if you pick your wife up a notepad set, don’t forget that she’ll need something to write with. This is where having a quality pen comes in handy. Unlike those ten-per-pack disposable pens that barely write and run out of ink in a few days, not to mention leak all over the place, a high-quality pen is a writing implement that flows easily and naturally, writes for a long time, and also has an ink cartridge that’s easy to replace. With the Coral Sheaffer pen, you can also get this pen personalized with her name on it, so she’ll know that this is her special pen.

There are many different occasions throughout the year where giving a gift to that special lady is about way more than just remembering to do so. Sure, she may smile if you remember to bring home the same wilted roses three times a year, but what she really wants is something that’s unique and useful. Use these ideas above for the next gift-giving occasion to knock her socks off. She’ll love a personalized gift and will definitely appreciate the effort you put in to get it.

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