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Did you know that fewer couples get married today than at any other point in modern history? For most people who hear this, the reasoning is axiomatic. With nearly 50% of all couples getting a divorce, fewer couples want to take the plunge and, instead, choose to live as unwed couples. Though it also means something good for the couples who are getting married. Most couples who are getting married today are doing so with a stronger sense of commitment. Fewer are running off to elope in Vegas. Fewer are getting married for reasons like children or family pressure. Of the couples who are getting married today, an incredibly strong, loving bond is the primary reason, and this bodes very well for their chances of lifelong success in marriage.

Since most of the couples today are getting married due to an increased level of love and commitment, wedding ceremonies are just becoming ridiculous in how over-the-top lavish they are. And no one can knock that. For most people, this is the best day of their lives, and a wedding should be a joyous day that everyone should remember. It’s not only the coming together of two hearts; it’s the coming together of two families and two lifestyles and two completely separate identities. Having a lush, lavish celebration is the least that can be done. And, for a unique wedding that will be remembered forever, some personalized stationery might make the perfect wedding gift, and might be what you need to plan your own wedding.

A Personalized Wedding Tracker

A little something the bride and/or groom can get for themselves, a wedding tracker can help really keep things in focus. With the “My Wedding Countdown” calendar, you have a gift that’s not only very attractive and personalized, but also tangible. This helps you keep things in focus by plotting out all your different steps. Set the wedding date and work in reverse. You can take a note of when to book the venue, and when you have booked it, when to get flowers, where to seek a wedding cake, when to send the invitations, when to list all the RSVPs, and countless other planning items that go into a wedding. You can handle it all with the wedding tracker, and, best of all, it’s a beautiful, personal gift that literally has your name on it. And, so you’re not just filling up one piece of paper with a bunch of writing, this gift has 52 separate tracking pads you can use.

Quality Personal Invitations

If it were up to grooms, wedding invitations would be sent out on notebook paper or Post-it notes. Most guys just don’t find these sorts of details important. Show up or don’t! But brides take seriously the idea of sending out high-quality, beautiful wedding invitations.  The set of Linens invitations is a quality set that will really draw some attention. These embroidered invite cards are bordered in pink and can be fully personalized with any type of message you want. You can also choose to complete the set if you want by picking up a set of 48 personalized mailing labels, thus giving the entire experience with your invitations.

Personalized Napkins

For many couples, their wedding day is all about the details, and even the napkins have to be quality. It’s not enough to have the venue and the caterer and gorgeous flowers; couples also want things like personalized napkins to help complete the experience. With the DYO White Beverage Napkin set, you’re getting much more than some drink napkins. These thick designer napkins can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, additional designs, and more. The napkins are 5”x5”, come in a set of 50, and are relatively affordable. You can also choose from a range of ink colors, including silver, rose, purple, red, blue, green, fuchsia, brown, black, aqua, and more.

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses are definitely something that the bride and groom can use at their wedding. You can purchase these for the couple as a guest and really be a hit at the reception, or you can pick up a pair for your own wedding. You can pick up a pair of these champagne glasses in a two-pack, and you can personalize each one with the name of the bride and the groom. These aren’t just some cheap glasses that have ink laid over them. The glasses are engraved with the personal information and are dishwasher safe. These will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Weddings aren’t exactly becoming rare or anything, but they are starting to mean more in society since fewer people are getting married. Make sure the day is everything it can be by using personalized stationery, to make a huge statement.


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