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The average person spends well over a thousand dollars every year just giving gifts. There are all types of holidays out there, and the social convention dictates that people hand out gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day, and even for holidays like Easter and other religious observances. By the time it’s said and done, you’re giving out gifts for half a dozen holidays, and some even give gifts or hold parties for every public holiday celebrated. The issue here isn’t always necessarily about the money spent, but rather on the gifts given out. Since holidays are so numerous and so commonplace, it’s hard to give out gifts that are unique. People might feign expensive tastes, but what they really want are unique items they haven’t received before, and items that they can use.

Though you might not think so right away, you can fill these criteria with personalized stationery items. The stationery category is a lot wider than you may have initially thought. From personalized memo cards and children’s stools, to unique and easy-to-use shipping labels and personalized party favors, there is a whole lot you can cover by sticking with stationery as your main category. And, with today’s tech-hungry world, your recipient would probably have to be 50 or older to have ever received a stationery gift before, so you’re probably safe on the unique front. 

Navy Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards

Not everyone in the world relies on email. Some people still like the personal feel of sending out important information via personal letters. Letter writing has already been elevated to an art, due to the way email has shrunk the genre by over 90%. And people who do take their time to write out personal letters take great pride it in and have made it a craft. For these people, a set of navy hand bordered correspondence cards will serve as an awesome gift. These unique cards are beautifully designed, featuring the person’s name on top and a large surface on which to write. They also fit into an envelope perfectly, so there’s no worry about folding or creasing the cards. If you know someone who enjoys writing personal letters, they would love this set.

 Stick ‘n’ Ship Labels

These self-adhesive shipping labels are sort of like a gift that keeps on giving. For instance, if you know someone who sends out a lot of gifts via the mail, or perhaps someone whose business requires them to ship a lot of goods, then these labels will make a great, useful gift. They’re self-adhesive, so all the recipient has to do is peel them off and stick them on a box. Then, simply write the address and you’re good to go. These are also more elaborate than just a Post-it note or something similar. Stick ‘n’ Ship labels feature your return address at the top, and they also have a very attractive border and embroidery. And, with 125 labels per package, they’re a great deal that most cannot pass up.

Colorful Gift Set

The Deliciously Colorful gift set is a great idea for everyone from teens to senior citizens. As long as the person likes sending out letters and invites, then this is an ideal gift. Being a set, it comes with more than just personalized cards. Not only do you get white paper cards which are embroidered with raised ink, but you also get a set of colored envelopes, as well, along with a hot pink gift box that serves as an organizer. So, if you know someone about to get married, for instance, and want to get them an early gift, this gift set is the perfect method to write and send out wedding invitations. This is a gift that the recipient will appreciate and remember. It doesn’t get more unique than this.

Designer Beverage Napkins

Many people out there are throwing themed parties and having gatherings all the time. And undoubtedly you have some friends who may own or manage a restaurant or motel. What do you get these types of folks for a unique, useful gift? You may find that sending out personalized napkins is a great gift idea. These napkins not only hold a personalized name on them, but also a personalized design or logo. You can choose from a wide assortment of designs, including the famous and stylized Fleur-de-lis. The napkins are white, but you can choose different ink colors, including aqua, brown, black, green, blue, red, rose, silver, and more.

Stationery covers a much broader range of gifts than you may have initially realized. In fact, if you’re looking for a unique gift, you can probably find something for everyone on your list by shopping stationery categories. And the best part is that these are affordable gifts that won’t break the bank.

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