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The summertime is perhaps everyone’s favorite season. While the days can be hot and muggy, it’s when the family gathers for picnics, it’s when everyone gets together at the pool, and it’s when that backyard barbecue gets fired up. Though summer is not without its faults. For parents, the season can be a little too loud and chaotic. For children, the summer is always too short, gone in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, those kids are returning back to school. As that time approaches, most parents are rifling through the store shelves to find notebooks, pens, backpacks, and other materials that their children will need for the upcoming school year. Though rather than shopping for that same old plain stuff from the mega mart, how about considering some high-quality stationery for your kids this year?

Many parents may be a little hesitant to go this route. After all, kids tear through those cheaper supplies quickly, scribbling all over the notebooks, losing the pens and pencils, and transforming good backpacks into tiny suitcases. Many parents may fear the wasted investment of quality stationery. However, what you may think of when you think “stationery” is a bit misleading. Stationery isn’t simply pens, pencils, and paper. There are quite a few unique ideas for the kids you can entertain in the world of quality stationery.

A Crayon Bag

There’s nothing quite like having a child in elementary school. They’re still young enough to want to be held, though they’re old enough that they’re independently walking and talking and very eager to learn. At this age, kids actually like school, and particularly enjoy the activities in which a school-age kid participates, like coloring. Crayons are always a big hit with kids from around 3 to 10. But all parents know that the crayons never manage to stay in the box. Instead, they’re strewn all about, from the master bedroom closet to the dog’s water bowl. Giving your kid a cool, colorful, personalized crayon bag may just be the item needed to get them to rein in their crayon-keeping practices. These bags are fun and colorful. They’re also very durable, able to withstand a child owning them. Best of all, they’re personalized so there’s never any mistake in regards to whom they belong. Your child’s name is printed on the bag’s front.

A Set of Game Pads

For parents, it’s very important to play educational games with your children. With personalized stationery items, you can pick up a set of numerous high-quality game pads with your child’s name on them. You can play games like dots, hangman, and tic-tac-toe with your child. With this gift, you’re getting 300 game pads in total. This is more than enough to keep some at home, to allow your child to take some to school, to keep some in your car for road trips, and practically anywhere else you can think of. So, no matter where you’re at, you can play fun and safe educational games with your child. It sure beats those violent video games out on the market today, and these pads are a far sight more affordable than any type of fancy interactive tablet. It’s yet another example of cool, unique stationery items most people don’t know about.

Razzle Dazzle Cards

Even children in earlier grades in school still end up having to take notes. As soon as they learn to read and write, the note-taking begins. Rather than having plain, boring white paper for your child to take notes, you can pick up a bright, multi-colored pack of Razzle Dazzle cards for your child’s schooling. Not only can these cards be used in school for taking notes, drawing pictures, memos, etc., but they can also be used in the home as flash cards so that you and your child can learn together in the home environment. These cards can also be personalized with your child’s name on them, adding to the coolness factor.

Personalized Memo Board

Not all back-to-school supplies have to be taken to school with your child. You can purchase a back-to-school item to leave inside of the home, for the purposes of working with your child on his or her homework and extended education. A good item for this type of scenario would be a personalized memo board. With your child’s name atop the piece, this memo board consists of a large white dry erase board that’s framed with real wood. It’s not only a cool-looking piece, but also a very functional piece. You can easily practice homework assignments like math and English on this board, allowing your child to answer questions. And, on nights where homework isn’t handed out, it makes a cool board on which to draw.

As you can see, back-to-school stationery supplies aren’t all pens and pencils. There are many different types of supplies you can purchase, and all of them can assist in your child’s education.

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