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The holiday season is filled with quality time spent with friends and family, beautifully decorated homes, twinkling trees and wonderful food. As the season gets busy we often don’t have the time to open up our homes, at height of their beauty, to our friends. So, why not share your beautifully decorated home, and view those of your closest friends, by initiating a Progressive Dinner Party?

Half of the work involved in a Progressive Dinner Party is done once you have decorated your home for the holidays. This party simply consists of a dinner that changes homes for each food course. For example you may start out with appetizers at your home, and move on to the next home, admire their decorations, and have a soup course…this continues from home to home until your finish off with dessert or a night cap. Planning and executing a Progressive Dinner Party achieves two goals, one being that everyone can share their beautifully decorated homes, and secondly everyone can enjoy a wonderful dinner with one another.

The first step is to decide how many friends you would like to include in your party so that you can determine how many homes and courses will be involved. We suggest beginning with appetizers followed by a soup course, then a main course followed by a salad course, followed by a dessert course and finished with a night cap. That would involve five homes, assuming that the appetizer and night cap would bring the partiers full circle. Once you have decided on your course plan and those you would like to have participate, you can begin looking for your invitation. Your invitation needs to include the date, time, location of each course, and an explanation of what will be involved. This should be a fun time, so each participant needs to prepare something that can be served in a timely fashion, and that won’t interfere with their travel from home to home for the other courses. If you have a group who would like to include alcohol with their courses, you should probably try to line up a chauffeur to transport everyone from home to home. This takes the worry out of you and your guests’ festivities. If you plan on this, be sure you specify that in the invitation as well. When you begin looking for your invitation, American Stationery has a lot of colors, styles and themes of party invitations to choose from. You can also find personalized napkins, tumblers, napkin rings and even plates to accessorize your party with. A wonderful party gift could be a set of personalized party napkins for each of your friends…what a thoughtful gesture, and it is something they could use throughout the rest of the holiday season.

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