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We’ve discussed the stress of moving and how to purchase cards to let your friends know of your new address. But, one of the fun things about moving is the housewarming party!

Housewarming parties are popular in practically every corner of the world. They may not all be celebrated exactly the same, or have the same traditions but, they all carry the same theme and that is to welcome a family into their new home warmly both, figuratively and literally. It’s true long ago people would bring firewood over to the new home in order to help you “warm” the home and this wasn’t necessarily just for actual physical warmth but, for spiritual warmth as well.

First thing, you need to let your guests know that you plan on having a housewarming party. Typically you will want to invite them anywhere from 10 days to three weeks prior to the party. When you decide to have the party is up to you of course but, six months after moving in is probably too long and one week after may be too soon. You know yourself and your guests’ best. Don’t be rough on yourself and try to have everyone over right away. Allow yourself and or your family time to settle in before hosting an event at your new home.

When it is time to send those invitations out we suggest ordering the adorable item number 6794 Acorn invitations. These flat and slender invitations feature an acorn at the top with the wording of your choice to follow. Due to the slender card, you will want to keep the wording light but, that’s fine as your guests really just need to know the particulars anyhow. Include information regarding what the event is, when it is to be held and where! For $34.95 you will receive 24 cards and envelopes. 

Once the invitations are sent out, you will want to make sure you have any supplies on hand to make your party fabulous!  

Generally guests will bring a gift but, of course they are not required to do so and you should not expect a gift. Traditionally folks bring things like a photo frame, a freezer meal to enjoy later, or a deliciously scented candle. Many guests will bring some sort of libation to enjoy with you at the party.

Because, this is pretty common be sure to have plenty of drink ware and napkins on hand. If you would really like to show just how put together you are then you will definitely want to order some personalized cups and napkins from American Stationery. We have several to choose from but, some popular tumblers are item number 6317 the 14 ounce frosted tumblers. For $60.95 you will receive 50 personalized (and reusable) tumblers. With your choice of ink color, design, and wording your friends and family will enjoy drinking out of these durable and adorable tumblers. Typically customers choose to customize their tumblers with a design and family name or just a simple monogram. You could even print something like “Wilson housewarming 2014” The choice is up to you, if it fits we can print it.

Of course if you have the customized tumblers than you simply must order the napkins to match. Our item number 4250 the DYO napkins are the ideal item to keep your look seamless. For $24.95 you will receive 50 personalized napkins on white 3 play paper. Whether you choose to match them to the tumblers or not is up to you. Remember to order about three items per guest both napkins and tumblers. To avoid mixed drinks and spills you will want these items on hand. Maybe order a few extras as a memento for a scrapbook or to keep on hand in the kitchen after the party is said and done.

Depending on the style of housewarming party you are going for, you may need less or more of these items.

Some people prefer to just serve very simple hors d’ oeuvres and drinks, while others may ask guests to bring a dish and have a large potluck meal. Just be sure to think everything through and make your guests aware of any special details about your housewarming party.

At these events you do no typically play any games and there isn’t really a formal list of events that take place. You simply invite people over possibly give them a quick tour of the home and thank them for putting up with you during the past few months when you were stressed. Catch up on anything that you may have missed lately due to the move both gossip and not. Also, you simply have to show off your new marble counter tops and promise to throw many fabulous dinner parties in the future.

Of course if you have a new pool, then you simply must promise to invite all the kiddos next time!

We hope that you enjoy your new home, and all of those you choose to bring into it. But, first take a look around our website so that you can order all the things you need to make this housewarming party a hit! Simply hover over the Party Ware tab on our website and you can easily access all things party that we have to offer. Most items take about five business days to create prior to shipping. So for the invitations you will want to order them about 3 weeks before you wish to mail them out and the tumblers and napkins about two weeks before the party.

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