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Are you hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner this year? Is it all starting to feel a little overwhelming? Don’t panic, American Stationery can help you!

First let’s start off with the invitations. Sure everyone knows what day Thanksgiving is but, they don’t know that you are the one having the dinner now do they? What better way to introduce your mastermind to the dinner than to send out beautiful invitations cordially inviting them to dinner?

For the turkey focused crowd look at our item number 9875(Wild Turkey Invitations). This single panel digitally printed card features a large vibrantly colored turkey. There’s no mistake what or who will be the main course at this dinner. With the information printed to the left of the card all you really need to say is when and where. The invitations are sold in sets of 20  for $36.00 and come with plain envelopes.  Really want to tie the look together? Order the matching Wild Turkey Return Address Labels. Item number 9876 comes in a roll of 120 address labels for $24.00.

If the turkey isn’t the main event whether that be because you are all vegetarian or otherwise check out the item number 9871(Autumn Flower Invitations). This bordered invitation features a gorgeous fall image of several pumpkins and autumn flowers such as mums. The rich fall colors are sure to please even the toughest critic. You can order 20 cards for $36.00 and will receive plain white envelopes to place them in. These invitations also offer a separate address label with matching design. The item number is 9872 and displays as small scale picture of what is on the invitation. Like the other one, one box yields 120 labels for $24.00. 

Once the invitations are sent out, it’s time to set the table. We have a few different types of coasters at American Stationery with the newest style being 2269_t(Thanksgiving DYO Coasters). These heavyweight white coasters come with your choice of ink color and choice of design. The wording, once selected, is surrounded by two circles in the matching color. The coasters measure 4″ in diameter and are letterpressed for an expensive look without the cost. We offer several different personalization options but, recommend a deep color of hunter or brown for your Thanksgiving festivities. The designs are bountiful as well, and the design number F57 (a lovely acorn design)   is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. They are sold as a set of 100 with a clear acrylic holder for $34.95.

Next are the napkins, as you probably know we sell several different styles of napkins at a variety of price points. Our most popular is definitely the DYO white napkin with design. Item number 4250(Thanksgiving Napkins). This napkin allows you to personalize with your choice of ink color, design and wording. We offer a beautiful script design that says Happy Thanksgiving, design number G36.   

This napkin measures 5″ x 5″ folded and comes in a stark white paper color. Printed in letterpress style the design and lettering are incredibly clear and easy to read. Again your choice of ink color will help you tie the napkins in to your overall dinner style.  They are sold in sets of 50 for $24.95 and are the perfect size for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails have you looked at our newest addition to drink ware? The DYO stadium cups are a terrific choice for your Thanksgiving dinner. These cups come in a large 16 oz. size suitable for a variety of drink options. Item number 2800 is available to be personalized to match your other accessories or design them to stand alone. You will receive 50 cups for $49.95 and yes, they are durable enough to fill with milk for the kiddos! 

Last but not least, don’t forget to look at our placemat designs. Whether you order one for each guest or just some for the kiddie table we have several different designs available. For a Thanksgiving dinner theme, look at item number 2957 the autumn trees placemat. This beautiful and brilliantly colored autumn tree design will definitely warm up the dinner table. The durable and personalized placemat measures out to 17.5″ x 11.5″. Want to keep them around for next year? Instead of individuals names, have the family name printed on them such as “The Williams”. 

With so much to do the evening before, and day of the big dinner let American Stationery take some of the stress away by creating personalized items for your Thanksgiving dinner. It will appear as though you have really gone all out without, putting yourself out in the process!

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